Economic Opportunity

Robotics Technology, Automation Make ‘Labor Shortage’ Even More Untenable

One of the favorite mantras of mass immigration advocates, which they endlessly repeat, is “labor shortage.” To hear them tell it, we have always had a labor shortage and always will – even though we’ve had the highest sustained level of immigration in our history for more than two decades. Somehow the “shortage” always remains, which is used as justification for even more immigration.

500,000 Jobs Needed Monthly to Match Population Growth, Prior Employment Levels

The San Francisco Chronicle is one of many newspapers that runs favorable stories about the state of the economy and a stronger jobs market.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Up to its Usual Tricks, Lousy Facts Hidden behind Rosy Data

The monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics reports are monotonously similar. One month, the economy adds a few more than anticipated jobs. The following month, fewer jobs are created – often too few to keep up with population growth. In October, 214,000 new jobs pushed the unemployment rate down to 5.8 percent.

High Immigration Major Contributor to ‘Disconnected Youths’ Unemployment

An October 27 story in The Washington Post spelled out the jobs crisis facing American youth age 16-24. Despite an allegedly improving economy, rising high school graduation rates and steadily declining unemployment, Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that the percentage of young people who are neither working nor going to school is virtually unchanged nationwide from its nationwide 14 percent level in 2011.

Imported High-Tech ‘Talent’ U.S. Could Live Without

There’s been a lot of blah, blah, blah about what a shame it is that America is turning away so much foreign talent. This then is “backed up” with the idea that native-born Americans just don’t seem smart enough or “innovative” enough to lead the businesses of tomorrow. This meme is often repeated in reference to the high-tech world and Silicon Valley.

Women Reeling in Jobless Recovery Labor Market

The shocking leak from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that President Obama has authorized printing up to 34 million blank green cards that could be used for future immigration surges is bad, bad news for already struggling American workers.

Census Bureau: California Number One in Poverty

How much longer California can continue to import poverty before it wakes up to and acknowledges the reality on the ground is anyone’s guess. But the day of reckoning has to be drawing closer.

Americans of the ‘20s Chose Wisely . . . Can We?

In 1920, many Americans were convinced that the mass immigration of previous decades had to halt. That year, the foreign-born population reached 13.9 million, the highest numerical total ever. The percentage of the foreign-born, out of a total population of 106 million, was 13 percent – very near to the highest percentage ever.

The Left: Demanding Only Silence on Overpopulation

I was recently, after a few emails back and forth, shrilly called “a real piece of work” by an employee of a major global population-reduction organization – one that refuses to look at population in the United States, apparently because the national corporate media (conveniently and, seemingly, profitably, for those who own them and benefit from flooded labor markets) have convinced them that to do so is racist or xenophobic.

Why Baby Boomers Can't Give Up the Jobs They Are Holding

My post today is inspired by the elite commentary, “The Right Way to Ask Boomers to Retire / How ‘Polite’ Millennials Can Convince a Generation of Workaholics to Give Up Their Jobs,” by Mike Hais and Morley Winograd (September 29, 2014, Zocalo Public Square).

I’ve included my two comments to the article and the author response. My post then follows.