Choice for Congress: More Illegal Immigration or Free College Educations for American HS Students?

money pile with grad cap
$116 Billion Annual Illegal Immigration Cost Would Cover
College Tuition Bills 

America Undermines Its National Security By Educating Its Adversaries


For decades the United States has professed to have an official policy of preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons technology.

In the 1950’s the Rosenbergs were executed for spying and passing nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union.

Her Hand Forced, Napolitano Changes Tune on Out-of-State, International Student Enrollment

For years, I’ve opposed the inherent unfairness of large numbers of out-of-state and international students filling university seats that should go to local kids whose families have subsidized those colleges. The problem of out-of-state and overseas students has been particularly acute in California, and has recently become the target of increasing and properly directed criticism.

On Memorial Day, Praying that Immigration Lobby Honors, Respects Vets’ Sacrifices

During the more than 20 years that I taught English as a Second Language in California’s San Joaquin Valley, I made a special point to explain to my students the significance of some major national holidays. While most understood Thanksgiving and Christmas, few knew who America honors on Memorial Day – the women and men who perished in the countless U.S. wars over the decades to preserve the rights and freedoms that drew my immigrant class to America.

Facing Huge Deficit, Gov. Brown Declares Cuts Essential …

… but only in programs that help California’s vanishing citizen middle-class

California’s Middle Class Scholarship program (MCS) is on Governor Jerry Brown’s chopping block. Intended to pay for up to 40 percent of UC and Cal State students’ tuition fees, assuming their families’ incomes and assets, minus home values and retirement accounts, don’t exceed $156,000.

DACAs Sue Wells Fargo for Nixing Their Student Loan Applications

MALDEF, DACAs not satisfied with the good deal illegal immigrants already have.

Ohio State Slasher Attended Land-Grant University (!)

Justin Morrill’s land-grant university system is off course.

California Taxpayers Fight Back against In-State University Tuition Subsidies to Aliens

California’s taxpayers have long been frustrated by the multi-millions of dollars in entitlements that the state government provides year after year to illegal immigrants. A few weeks ago one of those disgruntled taxpayers, Earl De Vries, brought a lawsuit against the University of California’s Board of Regents in which he claimed that giving in-state tuition benefits to illegal immigrants at all University of California schools violates federal law.

New Chinese-Only School Opens in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, a new private school recently opened that will be exclusively for Chinese students. Bucshe Academy, one of the nation’s first Chinese-owned schools, hopes to enroll 300 students from mainland China next year. The students’ goal is to eventually enter Harvard or MIT.

Recognizing Dr. John Tanton: A Lifetime of Conservation, Immigration Reform Work

A leading conservationist, Dr. John H. Tanton is considered the founder of the modern immigration reform movement. Dr. Tanton has been dedicated throughout his life to preserving our natural environment and to addressing unsustainable U.S. population growth, a root cause of environmental problems.