CAPS Invites Students to Opine about 'Crowdifornia' in Writing Competition

Pew Projection for U.S. Population in 2065: A Challenge to Clinton and Trump

The Pew Research Center published last September an eye-opening,127-page report on the demographic future of the United States, given current trends in immigration and fertility. This report provides a firm foundation for questions that moderators of the upcoming Clinton-Trump debates, and honest journalists of any stripe, should put to the candidates.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Signs Law Exempting Taxi Drivers from Speaking English

Effective August 16, prospective New York City cab drivers will no longer have to pass an English language proficiency test to get their license to operate a cab.

Dangerous ‘Safe Spaces’ on College Campuses are Un-American

America and its citizens are under attack from outside forces – from terror and criminal organizations seeking to enter the country, wreak havoc and ply their violent and criminal “trades” – and from forces within the United States.

New Calif. Education Bill Won’t Compensate for Overpopulation, Over-Immigration

Sacramento is embroiled in a nasty feud over a familiar subject – school accountability. The 2013 Local Control Funding Formula hopes to close the achievement gap between poor and English Language Learners (ELLs) and students whose families are more affluent.

Costly College Degree … Today’s Labor Market Generating Jobs that Don’t Need It

Parents of college-bound graduating high school seniors got a rude jolt recently about the value of a college diploma in the moribund U.S. jobs market. According to the Economic Policy Institute, the coveted university diploma is often not worth the paper it’s printed on.

Refugee Relocation Reality Comes to KS

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Obama Plots Backdoor H-1B Increases

Callously insensitive to the displaced American workers at Disney, Southern California Edison and at many other large American corporations, such as Qualcomm and Microsoft, the Obama administration is working stealthily to create a large new guest worker program.

Immigrants Still Generally Lag in Education

Immigration advocates recently trumpeted a report from the Pew Hispanic Center that the educational attainments of legal immigrants, at all levels of schooling, have greatly increased since 1970. In 2013 the percentage of newly arrived immigrants with post-graduate degrees (18 percent) significantly exceeded the number of native-born Americans with this level of education (11 percent).

Stopping Brain Drain Is a No-Brainer

Ethiopia’s state minister of health observed several years ago that there were more Ethiopian doctors practicing medicine in Chicago than in Ethiopia. Is there something wrong with this picture?