Florida DREAMer Whines Her Way to Deferred Action; Works with Congress to Draft Amnesty Legislation

After 25 years on the patriotic immigration reform beat, I should be immune to the outrageous stories that feature ungrateful aliens demanding more entitlements. Unfortunately, I’m not.

Exposed: The Scandalous Practice of Using Overseas Agents to Place Foreign-Born Students in American Universities

Are you concerned about getting your child or grandchild into college? You should be.

Teachers, H-1B Visas and the Catch-22

According to the Department of Labor, in 2010 it certified 13,157 foreign-born teachers as instructors in U.S. elementary and high school classrooms. The teachers arrived from Mexico, the Philippines, India, Canada and other countries. My former employer, the Lodi Unified School District, began the practice of hiring from the Philippines five years ago. [Read my column about it here.]

Teachers Beware, H-1B Visa Holders Want Your Job

When discussing the H-1B visa, the automatic assumption among many is that it’s used for bringing high tech foreign national workers into the United States. And while that’s its most common use, the H-1B adversely impacts other Americans struggling to keep their jobs in the teaching profession.

Unsurprising Report from California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office: Dream Act Will Cost More Than Originally Estimated

Before you read my blog about the latest outrage regarding the California Dream Act---that its cost projection for taxpayers has been increased from $40 to $65 million, take a moment to watch Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom field questions from angry, frustrated University of California students who demanded to know when their annual tuition increases would end.

Updating the California DREAM Act; My Conversation with Assemblyman Tim Donnelly

On Friday morning, I spoke with Assemblyman Tim Donnelly who updated me on his signature gathering campaign to stop AB 131, the California DREAM Act. Tim, just back from what he described as a "successful week on the road" was up and at ‘em early.

On the highlights of Tim’s trip occurred in Fresno where a steady stream of cars at a drive-thru petition location generated hundreds of signatures. According to Tim, the anti-DREAM Act sentiment reaction so prevalent in Fresno is widespread throughout California.

As Fresno local Ed Hanson said:

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly Delivers on His Promise; Files Referendum Papers to Block California’s DREAM Act

The process to kill the California DREAM Act is off to a fast start. As he promised, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly filed referendum papers earlier this week that would effectively block A.B. 131‘s implementation until it appears on the 2012 ballot. At that time, voters can decide whether to approve or reject the new law.

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly Promises DREAM Act Referendum; Calls AB 131 "Morally Wrong"

On Sunday evening I spoke to Assemblyman Tim Donnelly about Governor Jerry Brown and the California DREAM Act. Brown signed AB 131 on Saturday despite heavy resistance from his critics and at least some of his supporters.

Demonstrating that Lincoln was Right

Across the United States more and more of our fellow citizens are taking to the streets to voice their anger and frustration with Wall Street, the Banks, corporate greed and the failures of our government to reign in those with the deep pockets and represent the legitimate concerns of "average Americans."

Deadline Fast Approaching on AB 131, DREAM Act II; Assemblyman Tim Donnelly Urges Veto

According to the Sacramento Bee, the long list of pending bills on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk includes AB 131, often referred to as DREAM Act II. The bill would allow illegal aliens students in California universities and community colleges to receive publicly funded tuition assistance. Brown has until Sunday night to decide whether to veto or sign measures passed in this year’s legislative session.