Taxpayer money for California DREAM Act near reality-sparks talks of a recall - Continue reading on

California’s taxpayer-funded version of the DREAM Act inched closer to reality as it leaped out of the state Senate 22-11 along party-line votes.

The legislation now moves back to the assembly to reconcile changes and is expected to pass solely on Democratic votes. From there it will head to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for the expected signature.

Pressure Mounts on Governor Brown to Sign AB 131

On August 25, Assembly Member Tim Donnelly, R-Twin Peaks, released a statement protesting Assembly Bill 131, the second part of the California DREAM Act that has passed the Senate Appropriations Committee and is headed for Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for his signature.  Brown already signed the first part, AB 130, which authorizes the use by aliens of private funds if they are accepted into California’s universities and colleges.

Time to Challenge Plyler vs. Doe? Latest Grim California Education Stats Indicate "Yes"

Once considered to be recession proof, education careers---especially teaching---are shaky at best. Hiring new teachers has slowed, fewer enter the profession and those that do rarely stay long.

University of Mexico, Anyone?

Ten years ago, California passed the Immigrant Higher Education Act that gives in-state tuition rates at public colleges to students who complete three years at a local high school and earn a diploma or the equivalent, even though they may be illegal immigrants.

Wouldn’t It Be Easier to Have Sensible Immigration Policies (Instead of Higher Taxes)?

Governor Jerry Brown, while continuing to ignore the astronomical costs of educating California’s 1.5 million K-12 non-English speakers, many of them illegal immigrants, is now lobbying hard for $12 billion in tax increases in part "for the children." My estimate, based on an ultra-conservative $5,000 per pupil average daily attendance (ADA) is that the total annual expense for ESL

Get Used to Fighting the Battle: The DREAM Act Will Never Go Away

Patriotic immigration reformers had better get used to the DREAM Act as a permanent part of the other side’s agenda. No matter how many times we beat back the DREAM Act---right now the count is ten during the last decade---it will continue to reappear, possibly forever or at least until Republicans control all three branches of the federal government.

DHS Unilaterally Extends Visa Expiration Time Limits for STEM Graduates; Will Other Visa Categories Follow?

In a news release issued with little fanfare, the Department of Homeland Security announced two weeks ago that certain categorie

Want a High School Diploma? Learn English!

Connecticut may have discovered the solution to California’s K-12 education crisis.

Dems push the DREAM Act and use passage as a carrot for entitlement reform

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin (D) encouraged Republicans to consider passage of the DREAM Act as a good faith down payment on immigration reform; one that could lead Democrats towards meaningful entitlement reform he said.

Newt Gingrich, Obama in El Paso, the DREAM Act: Yawn!

This week Capitol Hill registered complete indifference to what could have been, under different circumstances, major political events.