Will the California DREAM Act Set Up A Jerry Brown Recall?

The California DREAM Act, championed by the notorious Gil Cedillo, marches on.

California’s Teachers, Community Colleges Take Huge Hits; Funding for Illegal Immigrant Students Rolls On

How many Americans have to suffer before someone steps up to fight for us against the negative fiscal and social impact of unrelenting immigration?

A Showdown on the California DREAM Act Looms

On Tuesday, the California state assembly’s Higher Education Committee passed AB 130 that will allow illegal immigrants to qualify for financial aid for higher education.

Want to go to college? Not in California

California’s budget crisis will now be handled by adults according to newly-minted and former California Governor Jerry Brown. Nothing is off the table Brown said- except those who have collective bargaining contracts.

DREAM Act Doomsday Scenario

The DREAM Act amnesty bill is awaiting a Senate vote after passing the House on December 8th by a vote of 216-198. All that Senator Reid has to do is to call for a vote – and it could happen very soon.

“Immigrants Will Learn English” — Don’t Bet On It

CAPS Senior Writing FellowIn her recent interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano touted comprehensive immigration reform, then immediately denied that such legislation would represent amnesty.