An Ironic Way to Celebrate World Environment Day

June 5 is World Environment Day

World Environment Day is sort of a global version of Earth Day. It was first established in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly, two years after the first Earth Day in America was celebrated in 1970. The first World Environment Day was held on June 5, 1973, and it has been celebrated every June 5 for the last 42 years.

Fresh Water from the Sea?

Desalination Is No Panacea

Groundwater Pumping Increasing Seismic Activity

Is the combined weight of 38 million Californians actually deforming the Earth’s crust and increasing the number of earthquakes as well as causing the Coast Range and Sierras to soar even higher?

This may sound more like the premise of a satirical piece in The Onion or an absurd article in the tabloid National Enquirer rather than the thrust of a recent research paper in the respected British scientific journal Nature.

Food Grows Where Water Flows

The Huffington Post  helpfully informs us that “if you like to eat, you should really be worried about California’s drought.”

Even those of us who aren’t particularly fond of eating (a vanishingly small percentage) need to eat just to survive. Thus, everyone should be concerned about the impact of California’s drought on food production, supplies and prices. 

California’s Imperiled Population

As a wildlife biologist, it’s only natural that I write volumes on how a massive and rapidly growing human population in California and elsewhere is imperiling wildlife populations and the habitats they need to survive.

Houston: Planet Earth Has a Big Problem – Human Overpopulation

On May 4, NBC did a short piece about climate change in advance of a report to be released on the issue. Journalist Ann Curry reported on Climate Change causing horrific wildfires, tornadoes, Category 5 hurricanes, rising seas, temperature changes, heat waves and worse for the future. But Curry made no mention of human overpopulation driving any of this.

Is Abundant Human Population Compatible with Abundant Wildlife Populations?

As an undergraduate majoring in fisheries and wildlife management, I learned numerous wildlife management techniques, tools and technologies.

Overpopulation Causes More Roadkill Across the Land

The earth is our home. Unless we preserve the rest of life, as a sacred duty, we will be endangering ourselves by destroying the home in which we evolved, and on which we completely depend.

Edward O. Wilson
Biologist, Naturalist

Environmentalists Continue to Ignore Overpopulation

Why are environmental groups so afraid to talk about the direct link between rising population and environmental problems? And not just American environmentalists, but those in the United Kingdom and elsewhere as well?

Concerned Maui Residents Join Together to Save Species, Beaches

On Maui’s southern coast, tourist foot traffic and development have gradually increased dune erosion and left the Wedge-tailed Shearwater (Puffinus pacificus) without places to burrow. Although the Shearwater is not officially labeled endangered, biologists consider the species at risk.