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How can we humans fight climate change? Build a machine to vacuum up greenhouse gases from our upper atmosphere? Shoot sunlight-reflecting particles into the air?

Arithmetic, Population and Al Bartlett’s Indefatigable Energy -- Physicist Al Bartlett Has Dedicated Life to Educating Americans

By Leon Kolankiewicz
July 30, 2013

“I dropped out of college for awhile. And I worked on iron ore freighters….I used to think, ‘would we ever run out?’ And I can remember saying to myself, ‘Well, Al, you’re just a dishwasher. There are smart people in Washington. If there’s any danger of running out they will act rationally and warn us so we can reduce our consumption.’ And I’m ashamed to admit how many years it was before I realized that my trust was misplaced.”

Endless population growth Ensures the Four Horsemen in America

The green revolution arrived as a result of the efforts of Norman Borlaug who, while accepting the Nobel peace prize in 1970, said: "The green revolution has won a temporary success in man's war against hunger and deprivation; it has given humanity a breathing space. If fully implemented, the revolution can provide sufficient food for sustenance during the next three decades.

Senate immigration bill (S. 744) would set U.S. population soaring; Earth’s population soaring too

What’s wrong with this picture?  America’s and Earth’s populations are soaring even as America’s and Earth’s resources are shrinking. This is the very essence of unsustainability. And it will end badly for all earthlings – human and non-human alike.

Humans Appear...Birds Disappear

Conservation biologists have been distraught for years over the human onslaught on biodiversity. Around the world, we have been bludgeoning, poaching, poisoning and overexploiting other species of plants and animals which share Earth with us at an ever-accelerating pace.

Yet More Research Shows Human Overpopulation Threatens Other Creatures

Recent human history shows we have not been kind to other creatures with whom we share the planet.

The last vestiges of British Empire brought Lord of the Manor, big-game animal hunting to Africa, energetically taken up by high-profile American enthusiasts such as writer Ernest Hemingway. America saw its own decimation of wildlife with the mass slaughter of buffalo.

Pioneering ecological economist Herman Daly tells tough truths… That mainstream economists and mass immigration apologists don’t want to hear

Retired economics professor Herman Daly has been at the forefront of the movement to establish a viable alternative to “neoclassical” (i.e., mainstream) economics for more than four decades.Usually called ecological economics or steady-state economics, this alternative is based on an ineluctable truth – that all human economies, and the “human enterprise” in aggregate – are but a subset, albeit an ever larger one, of the biosphere or ecosphere.

Anti-Environmental “Greens” – Environmental Establishment Shows Its True Colors – and they ain’t green

Back in the 1990s, America’s population surged by 33 million, more than any single decade in our entire history. As CAPS members know, an unprecedented torrent of legal and illegal immigration drove this surge. If the American environmental establishment had truly cared about environmental sustainability back then, it would have spoken up forcefully against this unsustainable, environment-devouring population growth.

Ecological footprint consequences attributed to endless population growth

The Gang of Eight U.S.

Freeeways or Parking Lots?: Los Angeles Has Nation's Worst Traffic Congestion

For most Californians, freedom of the road is nothing but a sad memory.  And with the state’s population continuing to grow as tenaciously as a tumor, this sad memory is fast morphing into a cruel joke.

Los Angeles has reclaimed the dubious distinction of having the worst congestion of any metro area in the United States, according to INRIX, a traffic information and services provider.