Traffic Congestion Costs Lives, Billions of Dollars in Public Health Costs

Maria FotopoulosAs I read a new study, “The Public Health Costs of Congestion/A Health Risk Assessment,” from The Harvard Center for R

Thoughts on the Greek Madness

Anyone who has lived in Greece can see why the question of default or a "haircut" is not a matter of if, but when. It is a wonder that crazy things have lasted as long as they have there.

Temporary Protected Status for Aliens Creates Environmental Woes for America

On May 17, President Obama announced that he would extend Temporary Protected

Unending California Sprawl Puts Farmers at Risk

Three years ago, with great sadness, I left Lodi, CA to start a new life in Pittsburgh.

Scientists Warn of Water Demands Overshooting Supply by 40%

Maria FotopoulosThrough the years at CAPS, we’ve written about water shortages and pressure on water supplies. As we’ve followed the water story, there seem few indicators that there’s any easing of pressure on water supplies.

Recycling Is Great; What about Fewer People?

University of Pacific, in Stockton, CA, has come up with a novel idea to support environmental sustainability.

More People in California Lead to More Fires; More Fires Equal More Budget in Cash-Strapped State

Maria FotopoulosCalifornia may be as well know for its natural disasters from floods, mudslides, earthquakes and fires as for the natural beauty of its coasts, mountains and famous parks such as Redwood, Sequoia and Yosemite.

New Study Analyzes How Growth Impacts Income, Unemployment, Poverty

Fodor & Associates, a Eugene, Oregon-based consulting firm that specializes in community planning and land use, released a

Part 8: What Constitutes Overpopulation in 21st Century America? Poisoning our ground water and aquifers.

"In 22 states parents can’t take kids fishing and eat the fish if they’re lucky enough to catch anything because of mercury. Think about that.