Acid Rain: Still with Us

With the start of the Industrial Revolution in the late 1700s, we began spewing billions of tons of smoke and noxious fumes into Earth’s biosphere annually, but few people understood the ramifications on their lives.

Aided and Abetted by Humans, Wildfires are Torching Canada, California, the Planet

Ironies abound as a massive forest fire, nicknamed “the Beast,” recently brought tar sands production to a halt in the Canadian province of Alberta. It’s been more than two weeks since the Beast roared through Fort McMurray and its surroundings with 200-foot high flames destroying everything in their hellish path.

My New Lawn Mower

About eight years ago, I moved from overpopulated, environmentally challenged California to rural western Pennsylvania and into a house that has about an acre and a half of grass. The outgoing owner told me that he had a verbal agreement with a neighbor to mow about once a week. Being the new guy in town, and not wanting to immediately disrupt long-standing financial arrangements, I inherited the informal contract.

California Not Alone in Suffering through a Water Crisis; India is Baking, Blistering

Killer Heat Wave, Drought Devastate India

Most Creative Water Conservation Award Goes to San Rafael Pacifics Baseball Team

As California enters its summer and early fall months – the mostly rainless June, July, August and September – Hollywood’s rich and famous are likely to keep their lawns green despite Sacramento’s restrictions and their conservation-minded neighbors’ scorn. The technique known throughout the state as drought-shaming has had little effect on Kim Kardashian, Barbra Streisand and Jennifer Lopez.

Earth Day No. 47

In 1970, as a college senior, I bicycled along chalk-filled sidewalks of the Red Cedar River on Michigan State University’s campus. Peace signs became the prevalent display of the day. While we marched against the Vietnam War throughout the late 1960s, a whole new understanding of man’s “War on Nature” erupted around us.

Kauai Fights to Reduce Traffic Congestion, Preserve its Environment in Hawaii

Every year, INRIX, Inc., a traffic data and insights organization, releases its findings about the most awful cities to drive in. Not much changes from year to year. In 2015, just as it did in 2014, Los Angeles topped the list for the nation’s most congested cities, with the added headache of having four of the worst ten stretches of highway – globally.

Apparently in Some Parallel Universe L.A. Air is Too Clean, California’s Coast Too Undeveloped

Recent staff firings by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and the California Coastal Commission (CCC) suggest that the never-ending battles in an ever more crowded state to improve the L.A. basin’s unhealthy air quality and to preserve California’s remaining undeveloped coast have entered ominous new phases.

The Toxification, Sickening of our Planet

Environmental contamination causes 1 in 4 deaths worldwide.

A report released on March 15 by the World Health Organization (WHO) finds that nearly 1 in 4 deaths worldwide is from exposure to toxins in the environment.

Ever-Growing Human Demands Stress Biosphere: The Case of Fertilizers, Livestock Production and Dead Zones

The BBC reports that a recent scientific study in the journal Nature Communications indicates that global food production requires a “significant” boost in fertilizer use to meet exponentially rising demands from population growth and more meat-and-dairy intensive diets.