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Limiting Access in America to Family Planning Has a High Cost

Trump introductions with religion sector

In a 163-page rule-changing document, “Religious Exemptions and Accommodations for Coverage of Certain Preventive Services Under the Affordable Care Act,” as of last month some U.S. women will have more difficulty obtaining birth control.

Bill Maher: We Should Have Fewer Resource-Sucking Children

bill maher
Outspoken comedian Bill Maher of HBO’s popular show Real Time with Bill Maher, taped in Los Angeles, is a mixed bag when it comes to overpopulation, or maybe just mixed up. 

Long-lasting Contraceptives Help Reduce Teen Pregnancies

The good news: teen pregnancy rates have declined to historic lows in the United States in recent years. The bad news: the U.S. rate is still the highest in the developed world and childbearing by teenagers remains concerning.

World Vasectomy Day 2016: Yes Virginia, Family Planning is for Men Too

Contrary to the hopes of those who care about an environmentally sustainable future for humanity and the biosphere, world population growth is actually speeding up, not slowing down.

According to the demographers at the respected Population Reference Bureau in Washington, D.C, approximately 90 million people have been added to the planet’s population since last year, at the average rate of 246,000 more humans (net, or births minus deaths) every single day.

Bill that Would Reduce Unintended Pregnancies Passes California Senate

Nearly half of all pregnancies in the United States are unintended or unwanted.

Today is International Women’s Day

In Yvon Chouinard’s “Let my people go surfing / the education of a reluctant businessman,” the founder and owner of Patagonia, writes, “From the very beginning of our catalog, we have always tried to portray women as equal to men. When we showed women climbing, they were leading, not following.”

Gutting Family Planning Programs Will Only Increase Abortions

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras for three years. Family planning and birth control were rudimentary at best in that small, struggling Central American republic. Not coincidentally, there were many unplanned births and extremely rapid population growth. When I was in Honduras, its population was increasing by more than 3 percent annually, at a rate that would double its size every 20 to 25 years.

Birth Control Pill Founder Carl Djerassi Understood Politics Would Take Greater Role in Family Planning than Science

A CAPS Advisory Board member, chemist and professor widely credited as the father of the birth control pill, or “the Pill,” Carl Djerassi, died January 30 at age 91.

A regrettable choice of words: An elephant in the room, a straw man or a red herring?

A study recently published in the prestigious scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) reached the unsurprising if not banal conclusion that: “because of…demographic momentum, there are no easy ways to change the broad trends of human population size this century.”

Family Planning Can Help Stabilize Global Numbers

Evidence mounts that world population will not stabilize, as some forecasters thought it would, by 2050.