fiscal burden

fiscal burden

Trump’s Speech: What he Didn’t Say

The reaction to President Trump’s speech delivered to a joint session of Congress fell along party lines – no surprise. But even among the president’s most fervent supporters, those who eagerly voted for him, disappointment is growing and intensifying over his failure to keep an important campaign promise.

Lessons (Hopefully Learned) from the Oroville Dam Disaster

For decades, the California Legislature’s priorities have been horribly misguided. Year after year, Sacramento has passed legislation that encourages more illegal immigration even though schools, roads and some hospitals are crumbling. Entitlements that provide driver’s licenses, health care and education to a never-ending immigration wave cost California taxpayers billions of dollars.

CA State Sen. Lara Back at it…More for Illegal Immigrants, Less for Citizens

California State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) is promoting yet another round of expanded benefits for the state’s illegal aliens.

Feds Funding Deported Illegal Immigrants Living Back Home

For Americans who understandably can’t make heads or tails out of U.S. immigration policy, here’s another head scratcher. The United States is doling out $50,000 intended to help out deported Salvadorian aliens living back home in El Salvador.

Struggling Youngstown Targeted as Refugee Resettlement Center

During my recent week-long trip to Canada, one of my biggest takeaways was local citizens’ resistance to the Trudeau government’s commitment to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees. Although the press has published stories that are mostly supportive of Trudeau and his mission, many Canadians are skeptical.

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs SB-10; Bill Heads to Alien-Friendly D.C. for Final Okay

Californians May Soon be Paying Billions of Dollars for Illegal Alien Health Care

Californians Win One on Fewer In-State UC Admissions; Lose One, SB-10

The Win: Last week, Sacramento legislators announced a new budget deal that would offer an $18.5 million funding incentive to the University of California if it enrolls an additional 2,500 in-state students for the 2017-2018 academic year.

California’s Hobson’s Choice for U.S. Senate: Kamala Harris vs. Loretta Sanchez

California’s millions of moderate Democrats and its growing number of independents who support stabilized population and sensible, sustainable immigration are disappointed in their United States Senate November choices.

New Chapter in California’s Illegal Immigrants ‘Nothing is ever enough’ Saga: SB-10

For California’s illegal immigrants and the Sacramento legislators who cater to them, nothing is ever enough.

Pope Francis Visit to Mexico Makes Some Locals Unhappy

Anyone who has lived in a city about to welcome an international dignitary knows what a hassle it is for everyday citizens. In 1995, when Pope John Paul II visited New York, his trip was a nightmare for locals. Heavy security shut down areas around Wall Street, Central Park, the U.N. and Queens. Millions of dollars were spent beefing up police protection for the Pope. Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Cardinal Edward Egan were happy as were thousands of Catholic faithful.