Governor Jerry Brown

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs SB-10; Bill Heads to Alien-Friendly D.C. for Final Okay

Californians May Soon be Paying Billions of Dollars for Illegal Alien Health Care

California’s Hobson’s Choice for U.S. Senate: Kamala Harris vs. Loretta Sanchez

California’s millions of moderate Democrats and its growing number of independents who support stabilized population and sensible, sustainable immigration are disappointed in their United States Senate November choices.

Minor Aliens to Receive Medi-Cal Coverage Starting in May

On May 1, a new California law will go into effect that will provide medical coverage to minor illegal immigrant children under age 19. As part of a Medi-Cal expansion plan included in California’s 2015 budget and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, an estimated 170,000 minors will have access to the entire spectrum of health care, including regular checkups, dental coverage and mental health treatment.

California Governor Moonbeam’s concern for the environment is phony

California Governor Jerry Brown, a.k.a. Governor Moonbeam, is a phony.

While this comes as no surprise to most readers, it might be gratifying to know that it would also have been the judgment of none other than the founder of Earth Day, the late Senator and Brown's fellow Democrat Gaylord Nelson. To my knowledge, Nelson never called Brown a phony to his face. But here is what Nelson did say in 2001: