illegal immigration

illegal immigration

With Friends Like These...

There is a well known expression that asks, “With friends like these, who needs enemies?”

Secure the border: What does that mean?

As a part of the resolution of the illegal immigration issue, Presidential candidates tout that they will "secure the border" should they become the next Commander-in-Chief.  For many who don't live near the U.S.-Mexico border, it sounds like a reasonable goal.  However, what do they mean by "secure the border?"


According to the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term Lockout is defined as: the withholding of employment by an employer and the whole or partial closing of the business establishment in order to gain concessions from or resist demands of employees

Today, many American workers are being locked out of their jobs.  The companies that fire them or refuse to hire them are not doing without workers; these companies take these actions because they have a readily available source of workers, workers who can be imported from overseas!

Fake Cheerleaders (Disguised Prostitutes?) Apprehended at Miami Airport

Only one thing can be said with certainty about the patriotic immigration reform effort. We may think you’ve seen it all...but we haven’t.

On September 30, a report came out of Miami that a Colombian man had been arrested for visa fraud after trying to smuggle 16 young women, some minors, into the United States by using fraudulent documents.

The women came from Cali to allegedly participate in a South Florida cheerleading contest. Daustin Salazar and six others plead guilty.

Mike Shea, acting agent in charge of Miami ICE said:

A Tale of Two Countries

With most of the immigration debate being focused on the U.S./Mexican border and on enforcing the immigration laws to punish employers who intentionally hire illegal aliens, one of the biggest failures of the immigration system has yet to be discussed.  That issue of immigration fraud.

Fraud is committed when an individual provides false or misleading information on an application so that the beneficiary of that application acquires a benefit he (she) would not be entitled to if all of the material facts were known.

We Are Not Alone

When we ask for the enforcement of our immigration laws, we often feel as an island.  We are labeled with derogatory names and feel very alone in our efforts.  With this, I wanted to know how other countries handle their illegal immigration dilemma and what they say.

What if you were an illegal alien worker in Taiwan?

Laboring Under a Misconception

There are currently a number of arguments being made for having local governments ignore the immigration laws and, on closer scrutiny all of those arguments fail to make sense or protect our nation and our citizens in a number of ways.  Those who pose these arguments are often identified in the media as being “Pro-Immigrant.”  In point of fact they are “Illegal Alien Exploiters” seeking to profit by the exploitation of vulnerable and desperate illegal aliens.  These exploiters are also oblivious to the harm the hiring of illegal aliens does to American

Maryland Patriots Win Another Round against the Dream Act; California to Follow?

From Maryland last week came encouraging news for Assemblyman Tim Donnelly and his signature gathering effort to overturn A.B. 131 and put the California Dream Act on a 2012 statewide ballot. To learn the latest about Assemblyman Donnelly’s progress, go to his website here.

Gaming the Immigration System

There is a wonderful Yiddish term that has become a part of the American lexicon- that term is “Chutzpah!”

The classic example of chutzpah is the young man who kills both parents and, upon conviction for his heinous crimes, pleads for mercy because he is an orphan!

It's all your fault

Immediately prior to his suicide, Joaquin Lerma Luna dressed in a suit, went to each family member in the home to tell them goodbye then entered the bathroom and shot himself.  Seventeen years and six months earlier, his parents brought him into the US ilegally.