illegal immigration

illegal immigration

The Immigration Balloon

The title of my commentary could refer to a number of aspects of the immigration crisis that our nation is currently confronting and suffering from.  Certainly the number of illegal aliens who are present in our country has risen to unprecedented numbers or to put it in other words, the numbers of illegal aliens in the United States has ballooned.

However, for the purpose of this commentary, my use of the term balloon in conjunction with the immigration crisis, relates to the fact that immigration must be thought of as a closed system.

At Last! Oversight Hearings on Administrative Amnesty Begin

On October 12, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement held its long promised hearing on deferred action amnesty. The topic was officially labeled: "U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement: Priorities and the Rule of Law".

Four days of illegal immigration


On Monday, Americans woke up to a story entitled,

Napolitano Announces Backdoor Amnesty Will Begin "In Weeks"

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano officially kicked off the administration’s amnesty/deferred action plan she originally announced in August. With President Obama’s approval, Napolitano will drop "some" pending deportation within the next few weeks at selected sites nationwide.

Status Quo Unchanged after Tuesday’s Las Vegas Debate

The eighth of 13 debates (and the fifth in the last six weeks) is over. On the whole, it was slightly livelier than the preceding ones but with no super surprises.

Which Republican Presidential Candidate Will Step Up for American Workers?

During this week’s New Hampshire debate, another opportunity passed for Republican candidates to make the link between excessive immigration and American unemployment. [Republican Debate, Winners and Losers, by Brian Montopoli, CBS News, October 11, 2011]

Deported to Disappeared

Ed Pilkington of The Guardian UK in his article, "Alabama parents prepare for the worst: Separation from their kids," (10/12/11) laments the separation of parents from their children due to Alabama's newly-enacted illegal immigration legislation.  He refers to the law as "draconian immigration law" while the National Law Immigration Center's Linton Joaquin calls it a "human rights issue."

Attorney General Eric Holder Is at It Again; Justice Department Seeks To Block Alabama’s Immigration Law

According to breaking news reported by the Wall Street Journal, the federal government asked an appeals court Friday to halt the Alabama immigration law, claiming it may encourage discrimination, forces aliens into other adjacent states and could have unhealthy international consequences. Read the text of the Alabama law, H.B. 56, here.

To Obama’s Nephew Onyango, Drunken Driving and Immigration Violations Are Laughing Matters

As expected, President Barack Obama’s nephew Onyango Obama has been granted administrative amnesty. Uncle Onyango, an illegal alien visa overstayer had been arrested in August in Framingham, MA. on drunken driving and other related charges. According to his attorney P. Scott Bratton, Onyango is back at work as a liquor store clerk, a job most unemployed Americans would gladly take.

Grasping for Straws, Obama Returns To Hispanic Lobby to Plead His Case

President Obama can’t let go of his bad habit of blaming all of his misfortune on others. Recently in a White House roundtable intended to target Hispanic voters, Obama once again blamed Congressional Republicans for standing in his way of passing comprehensive immigration reform.