illegal immigration

illegal immigration

What's in a Name?

When we introduce ourselves to others we start out by telling our name.  The most fundamental conversation usually starts with the question, "Who are you?  What's your name?"

Human Trafficking Worth Billions

Maria FotopoulosBy failing to effectively enforce U.S. immigration laws, our government essentially is supporting human trafficking.

Maryland Fights Back Against Governor O’Malley and His DREAM Act

CAPS' recent lead website article exposed how illegal alien students at major universities unfairly access affirmative action.

Congressman Lou Barletta Takes His Enforcement Campaign National

Pennsylvania U.S.

The Campaign to Smear Dr. John Tanton--and the Truth

When New York Times reporter Jason DeParle wrote his unprofessional and intellectually dishonest story about Dr. John Tanton, he carefully included this sentence: "Dr.

If You See Something, Say Something

The phrase that serves as the title for my commentary today is plastered all over New York City and has been for years as a way of engaging the residents of the City of New York to encourage them to report any suspicious activities and/or persons to the appropriate authorities.  In

Failed, Corrupt Mexican President Vicente Fox Returns to California

My recent blog that University of Pacific seniors would wear graduation gowns made from recycled plastic bottles, led me to its

San Francisco Sanctuary Champion Sheriff Michael Hennessey to Retire; Good Riddance

In February San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessey announced that he will not seek November re-election.

Illegal Immigration: It's Just Business!

Somehow many people still don't understand that both sides of the political aisle are responsible for the ongoing immigration crisis.  There are a number of myths about immigration, and today I will quickly explain my perspectives on an issue I have been intimately involved with for

Amnesty Rears Its Ugly Head, Yet Again

Once again the administration is gearing up for another attempt at ramming amnesty through the legislative process.  Of course the duplicitous politicians, who favor this legislative betrayal of the American citizens and the countless millions of lawful immigrants and their descenda