illegal immigration

illegal immigration

After the Elections: Now the Real Work for We the People Begins!

Last Tuesday the voices of the citizens of our nation were heard as the voters went to the polls and cast their ballots that were reflective of their concerns and frustration.  Once again the majority of Americans voted for "Change" but clearly not the change that was promised by Ba

Tom Tancredo: Colorado’s Next Governor?

Whatever the Tuesday outcome of Tom Tancredo's Colorado gubernatorial campaign, the patriotic immigration reform movement's debt of gratitude to him, already enormous, will be even greater.

Are You an Enemy of the State?

In an interview with Spanish-language network Univision that aired this past week and focused on “immigration reform,” President Obama said, “If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re

"Sticks and Stones..."

Most of us grew up hearing the phrase, "Sticks and stone will break you bones but words will never harm you!"  This was our parents' way of telling us to ignore what school bullies said to us in an effort to intimidate us.

New Mexico's New Governor: Susana Martinez, American

In November, three candidates for major office, all Republicans of Hispanic ancestry, may be winners over their pro-amnesty Democratic rivals.

War of Words

While much is being made of the anger of many Americans with their government, journalists are often the accomplices of the politicians who attempt to dupe the citizens of our nation.

The Sting

The MSN Encarta online dictionary provides a number of definitions for the word “sting.” The 8th definition for this word is as follows: orchestrated swindle: an underhanded scheme, especially a carefully planned and orchestrated swindle ( slang )

CAPS Goes to Washington to Join Other Patriots; Our Message: Secure the Border

During the first weekend of October, Californians for Population Stabilization Chairman of the Board Marilyn Chandler DeYoung, Executive Director Jo Wideman and Marketing Communications Director Gretchen Pfaff convened in Washington D.C.

Auntie Zeituni Onyango: The Most Ungrateful Immigrant?

In my 25 year career as an adult education English as a second language instructor in California, I taught legal and illegal immigrant students from all over the world.