illegal immigration

illegal immigration

July Bureau of Labor Statistics Report Beats Expectations, but Belie Need for More Overseas Workers

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Automation, pictured here at Amazon, eliminates the need
for low-skilled immigration; Support the RAISE Act.

RAISE Act’s Multiple Benefits Include Slowing Population Growth

President Trump at Podium
President Trump, Sens. Cotton and Perdue Introduce Much-Needed RAISE Act.

Defeated Multiple Times, DREAM Act Returns, Awaits Same Fate

‘Future’ includes work permits, deportation
protection, and amnesty.

Hampton Millionaires Pay Illegal Alien Domestic Help Little, Force them into Squalor

An ugly New York Post story proves why secure borders is the compassionate solution to illegal immigration. To the contrary, as the Post story spells out, open borders often lead to immigration abuses and injustices

For Sanctuary Cities, Clock Strikes Midnight

clock about to strike midnight
DOJ dropping hammer on sanctuary cities.

ICE Targeting MS13, More Enforcement Actions, Arrests Expected

Get MS-13, other dangerous gangs out of California.
The Trump administration has promised to crack down on dangerous criminal gangs, most of which operate within the nation’s sanctuary cities.

UC Riverside Study Confirms, Sanctuaries Not Safer than Other Cities

Make California Safe, No on SB 54, Sanctuary State Bill.

Congressional Immigration Advocates Take Advantage of Trump’s DACA Waffling

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Legislation may allow DACAs to work for your Congressman.

The Wall Street Journal asks if Congress Can Reach a Grand Immigration Bargain

In his Independence Day Wall Street Journal column, the Brooking Institute’s William A. Galston raised important questions about where U.S. immigration policy might be headed. Galston asked, among other questions, whether in light of President Donald Trump’s election, Democrats might soften their support of higher, family reunification, chain migration and shift toward more skill-based immigration as other nations have done.

DA in Sanctuary Philly Aids Alien, Pleads Guilty to Multiple Felonies

A fascinating immigration-related story, dateline sanctuary city Philadelphia, has gone mostly unpublished west of the Mississippi River. As a sanctuary city, Philadelphia law enforcement limits its cooperation with federal immigration officials. But in the Philadelphia case, the city’s top ranking law enforcement official, District Attorney Rufus Seth Williams, took bribes to assist a Jordanian national and unlawfully present alien escape airport detection upon his re-entry.