illegal immigration

illegal immigration

Immigration Spot Delivered Best Part of GOP Presidential Candidate Debate

GOP Presidental Debate Reagan Library Sep 2015

Important and obvious question on immigration omitted

Australia’s Pop. Stabilization Leaders Want Refugees Resettled Closer to Their Homes

Tim Costello, a Baptist minister and World Vision Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, argues that the best way to manage the Europe migration mess is to resettle the refugees in a place where it will be easy for them to return home once conditions permit.

Illegal Alien Crime Wave Continues; Sign CAPS Petition to End Sanctuary Cities

On and on goes illegal alien crime. The latest incident took place in Santa Clarita, California, and involves a 26-year-old Filipino national, Keane Dean, who had been targeted for deportation. Dean’s previous convictions included a 2008 lewd public behavior charge, a 2014 indecent exposure charge and burglary.

The Handy Guide to Who’s an Immigrant and Who’s an Illegal Alien

Illegal Aliens
Illegal aliens

California Legislature Moves to Strike ‘Alien’ from Official State Language

When it comes to entitlements for illegal immigrants, the California Legislature is on an extended hot streak. Within the last couple of years, Gov. Brown has delivered to the pro-immigration lobby plum victories, including driver’s licenses for aliens and the Trust Act that essentially converted California into a sanctuary state, making horrors like Kate Steinle’s murder possible in any city.

On Immigration, Italy is Worse Off Than California

Californians who want to feel better about illegal immigrants entering their state at will, and the stubborn refusal of Sacramento or the federal government to do anything except encourage more of the same, should cast an eye to Italy.

New California Budget to Include Health Care for Alien Children

California is once again breaking new ground in granting entitlements to illegal immigrants, and thereby encouraging more people to come to the state unlawfully. More people is the last thing that drought-ridden California needs. Already at 40 million residents, with 50 million projected by 2050, the state is all but out of water for residential use.

New Rasmussen Poll of Likely Voters: Enforcement Yes, Amnesty No!

Overwhelmingly, Americans want immigration laws enforced.

High Profile Baseball Star Sergio Romo Endorses SB 4; CAPS Responds

SB 4, a bill that would provide healthcare coverage for millions of California’s illegal immigrants, is advancing steadily toward Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk. If Brown signs SB 4, California taxpayers will have to subsidize the cost. The question is: How many millions of dollars will it take?

Kamala Harris Says Lawbreakers Aren’t Criminals

California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris, who self-identifies as “a career prosecutor,” proclaimed, “I know what crime looks like.” Harris continued: “I know what a criminal looks like who’s committing a crime. An undocumented immigrant is not a criminal.”