illegal immigration

illegal immigration

New Rasmussen Poll of Likely Voters: Enforcement Yes, Amnesty No!

Overwhelmingly, Americans want immigration laws enforced.

High Profile Baseball Star Sergio Romo Endorses SB 4; CAPS Responds

SB 4, a bill that would provide healthcare coverage for millions of California’s illegal immigrants, is advancing steadily toward Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk. If Brown signs SB 4, California taxpayers will have to subsidize the cost. The question is: How many millions of dollars will it take?

Kamala Harris Says Lawbreakers Aren’t Criminals

California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris, who self-identifies as “a career prosecutor,” proclaimed, “I know what crime looks like.” Harris continued: “I know what a criminal looks like who’s committing a crime. An undocumented immigrant is not a criminal.”

MEDIA WATCH News Report Focuses on How Illegal Aliens Were Offended by Signs Supporting Legislation to End Driver’s Licenses for Lawbreakers

Legislation pending in Georgia (Senate Bill 6) would end the practice of giving driver’s licenses to DACA illegal aliens. A March 18, 2015, WSB TV News Atlanta report focused on how signs in support of this legislation offended illegal aliens and their lobbyists.

Bill to Deter Another Summer Central America Border Surge Passes Committee

The warm summer months are at hand. And with them, the Border Patrol predicts a repeat of last summer’s border surge that saw more than 68,000 Central American aliens cross into the United States. Although advertised as unaccompanied minors, many aliens were teenagers, and some were pregnant young women. Early on, the White House blustered about sending them home, but in the end, few returned.

Administration Pushes Illegal Amnesty Program by Extorting and Intimidating Congress

The United States is, at least on paper, a democratic republic. Considering the huge influence that immensely wealthy individuals, corporations and special interest groups now wield, it has been said that the nation has been transformed into an oligarchy.

By Land and by Sea, Cubans Arriving in Record Numbers

Since President Obama announced his executive immigration action last November, critics warned of harmful short- and long-term consequences. Most of the immediate focus is on the 5 million aliens who will be rewarded for their lawless behavior with work permits, Social Security cards and welfare benefits, while citizens and legal immigrants who will have to compete with them for scarce jobs will be punished.

More Waste: California Office of New Americans

California State Senator Ricardo Lara, who last year reintroduced the Health Care for All Act that would allow the state’s estimated 2.5 million illegal aliens access to comprehensive health care, is also promoting another costly idea that would further soak taxpayers.

Global Instability Will Continue to Drive Immigration in 2015

As we celebrated the world over, welcoming in 2015, a cargo ship, apparently abandoned by crew, was on a crash course to the Italian coast with nearly 800 people, presumed to be illegal migrants.

California’s Illegal Immigrants Struggle to Pass DMV Test

California welcomed in 2015 by rewarding illegal immigrants with the opportunity to apply for driver’s licenses, the latest in a long list of privileges given to aliens that were formerly reserved for citizens and legal immigrants.