interior enforcement

interior enforcement

Open Letter to the California Assembly re: SB 54

August 28, 2017
Dear Assembly members:

Soon you will be voting on Senate Bill 54. This bill is nothing more than a fraud being perpetrated on the law-abiding people of California as another measure to increase public safety.

On Sanctuaries, Texas and California Head in Opposite Directions

From the wishful thinking file – if only California would adopt the realistic approach Texas has taken to abolish sanctuary cities, then both states would be safer from criminal aliens.

Mr. Becerra (Calif. AG) Goes to Washington

By next summer, Governor Jerry Brown predicts that California’s budget deficit will hit $1.6 billion. And California’s insurmountable Wall of Debt, an aggregate of its current and long-term debt plus unfunded obligations, is a staggering $443 billion. In light of California’s disastrous fiscal nightmare, Gov. Brown proposes to cut public school spending, and re-evaluate other costly entitlement programs the state can no longer afford. 

In New York, ICE Ramping Up Enforcement Actions; Activist Lawyers Getting Taxpayer Subsidy to Counter

A three-day Immigration and Customs Enforcement removal operation in the New York area netted 31 criminal aliens from 13 nations, including a Guyanese national convicted of rape, immigration fugitives, at-large criminal aliens and illegal re-entries. Of the 31, 30 had criminal histories that include priors for rape, drug offenses, child endangerment and fraud.

New Report: California Ranks among Nation’s Lowest in State Infrastructure Spending

Visual Capitalist is a Canadian-based research firm that relies on data visualization and infographics to develop and showcase its analytical research. According to its recent findings, California ranks 33rd in state infrastructure spending. The state that needs to spend the most on upgrades – California – should be at the top of the list.

Sanctuary Mayors to DHS Secretary Kelly: ‘Don’t Look at Us’

Earlier this week, Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly met with a group of sanctuary city mayors who brazenly denied their noncooperation with federal immigration officials. The mayors and police chiefs that also attended insisted that they’re working diligently with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

California Moves Closer to Sanctuary State Status, Haven for Criminal Aliens

Even though I’ve heard the argument countless times that sanctuary cities make communities safer, I always shake my head in disbelief when I hear it again.

Malibu is Latest City to Claim Sanctuary Status

As a kid growing up in Los Angeles, Malibu was always my preferred weekend destination. Malibu to me meant 21 miles of individual beaches that stretch across the magnificent Pacific Coast Highway, local parks, magnificent homes, and an occasional major movie star sighting that might have included Bette Davis, Frank Sinatra or Barbara Stanwyck.

Trump’s Revised Executive Order Ignores the Commonsense Solution – Resettle Refugees Abroad

President Donald Trump’s revised, softened executive order that pauses refugee entry from six terrorist-sponsoring nations – Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Syria – and suspends the refugee resettlement admissions program for 120 days is sure to set off explosive racism and anti-Muslim charges leveled at the administration.

Easy Solution for Sanctuary Cities Facing Defunding: Stop Filing Lawsuits, Start Obeying the Law

Once again, California has made headline news in the sizzling-hot sanctuary city debate. The latest: Santa Clara County, population 1.9 million, petitioned a federal district court to block President Donald Trump from implementing his executive order that would withhold funding from sanctuary cities. Earlier this year, San Francisco filed a similar action.