Thanksgiving 2017: Millions of Hungry, Homeless, Unemployed Americans Struggle

homeless shelter during mealtime
Jacksonville, FL’s City Rescue Mission Feeds 700 Homeless
Thanksgiving Dinner

October BLS, Bad Overall; Wages Terrible

Line at the Amazon Job Fair
Thousands line up for Amazon jobs fair, only a few got hired.

Will Congress Trade: E-Verify Bill for Ag Act?

peach orchard owner and American Worker
Peach Orchard Owner and American Worker.

E-Verify Passes House Committee, Proceeds to House for Full Vote

job search image
Congress poised to end jobs magnet, reduce illegal immigration.

Ag Guestworker Bill Could Add Two Million to Labor Market

New Visa Would Depress Wages, Import Poverty.

American Workers Brace for Inevitable Job Displacement by Robots

robot barrista
Coming soon to a café near you, a robot barista.

Federal Judge Blocks White House Refugee Travel Ban; Hurtful to Marginally Employed U.S Workers?

WOTC hurts American Workers

Hurricane Clean Up: Jobs for Americans

Hurrican Irma aftermath
Monster Storm Irma leaves devastation behind.

Bad Bureau of Labor Statistics September Report---Minus 33,000 Jobs

Hurricanes Irma, one of three storms blamed for weak September jobs report.

House Approves Self-Driving Auto Bill, Millions of American Jobs at Risk

A construction site truck performs without a human driver
Automation Should End Green Card Amnesties.