Hurricane Clean Up: Jobs for Americans

Hurrican Irma aftermath
Monster Storm Irma leaves devastation behind.

Bad Bureau of Labor Statistics September Report---Minus 33,000 Jobs

Hurricanes Irma, one of three storms blamed for weak September jobs report.

House Approves Self-Driving Auto Bill, Millions of American Jobs at Risk

A construction site truck performs without a human driver
Automation Should End Green Card Amnesties.

Two Janitors’ Stories Show How High Immigration Leads to American Worker Displacement, and Creates Income Inequality

janitor bucket and mop
Apple’s richest okay with their immigrant employees earning $16.60
hourly without benefits.

On Labor Day: Remembering Samuel Gompers Warning; ‘Lowest Possible Wage Workers’ will Overwhelm American Job Market

Stature of Gompers
Defender of American Workers, Gompers’ Memorial in D.C.

Silicon Valley Systematically Shutting Out American Minorities

unemployment line
Report: In tech, Blacks, Latinos, Women under-employed.

Refugee Workers and the Automation Threat

robot chicken replacing human workers
Robots in, refugee workers out.

Visa Overstay + Anchor Baby Citizenship = More Unsustainable Population Growth

The huge 36 percent H-2A visa increase during the first three months of 2017 from the same period in 2016 has short- and long-term consequences not only on the labor market, but also on population growth.

Two Watermelon Stories: Panicked Pre-Harvest; Jubilant Post-Harvest

Here’s a good one for the “crops are rotting in the field” file. A favorite reporter theme that dates back at least 30 years defies the abundant evidence that the rotting crops claim is false and serves only to advance the agenda of immigration advocates. The storyline nevertheless continues year after year. Growers’ messages sent through the gullible press are always the same: unless thousands more low-skill, undereducated illegal immigrants are given guest worker visas which ideally will lead to amnesty for them and their families, then crops will be lost.

Trump Lets Down Summer Job-Seeking Teens; J Visa Rolls on

Bloomberg News recently ran a story that asked “Why Aren’t American Teenagers Working Anymore?” The story listed a host of valid reasons. Older Americans have crowded teens out of the job market, or since summer pay is too low to make a dent in college tuition, parents are encouraging their children to volunteer to beef up their college resumes. Some students elect to study rather than work.