Long term unemployment rises; immigration exacerbates unemployed americans’ plight

A recent CAPS homepage story focused on under-reported data concerning long term unemployment which has reached its highest level since World War II. [Long Term Unemployment at Highest Level since World War II, by Keith Koffler,  White House Dossier, January 15, 2013]

The Election Is Over but the Deceptive Job Reports Continue; Immigrants Displacing American Workers

For at least a year during the months leading up to the November election, all  the candidates talked about was jobs---the shortage and their individual plans to create more of them. Yet none (that I know of) mentioned the link between over-immigration and American unemployment even though the 1:1 ratio of legal immigrants to work permits obviously means that more immigration creates a tighter jobs market. Every year, about 1 million newly authorized  foreign-born workers compete with Americans for scarce jobs.

More Misguided Bloomberg Blustering about Immigration

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is one of America’s prominent amnesty and open borders advocates. Among those who lobby for more immigration, Bloomberg is perhaps the most elite. Forbes ranks Bloomberg as the world’s 15th wealthiest and 16th most powerful man. In 2011, Bloomberg’s fortune peaked at $25 billion.

Of course there are jobs Americans won't do

Of course there are jobs Americans won’t do…because they don’t have the opportunity.

On August 25, 2008, immigration agents raided the offices of Howard Industries Mississippi headquarters and detained over 600 illegal aliens employees.  Many were deported while others were convicted of identity theft and providing fraudulent and fake documents to other workers.  In March 2011, Howard’s former human resources manager was sentenced to six months of house arrest in March 2011 and fined.

"Let them eat cake" has been replaced by "Jobs Americans won't do!"

The four word phrase, “Let them eat cake” is often attributed to 18th Century French Queen Marie Antoinette, purportedly in response to being told that the peasants of France had no bread to eat.  It is likely that the quote was never uttered by that member of French aristocracy in the days before the French Revolution.  However, while she may not have made that statement it is clear that she and the other members of the elite of French society could not relate to the daily suffering of their far less fortunate fellow citizens and in fact, treated them with

Leveling the Playing Field for American Workers

In nearly all officially sanctioned endeavors that involve competition, referees or other such officials are employed to make certain that all competitors are given a “level playing field” to create a fair environment. In baseball, umpires provide this vital component to the integrity of the sport.

Debate II: Lots of Talk about Jobs, Immigration but Not a Word about Immigration’s Impact on Jobs

I’ve been searching for the right word to describe President Obama’s set in stone policy to give work permits to an average 75,000 legal immigrants each month and, at the same time, undertake a personal campaign to give legal status and still more work permits to as many as 1.8 million aliens. Each of those newly minted immigrant workers compete in the job market with unemployed and/or underemployed Americans.

The word I’ve chosen is “cruel.”

Behind September’s BLS 7.8 percent Unemployment Rate: Omissions, Deceit and Deception

In February, my CAPS blog titled “How the White House Plans 0 Percent Unemployment by November,” turned out to be frighteningly prescient. Today, eight months later, the Bureau of Labor Statistics September report indicated a 7.8 unemployment rate, down 0.5 percent from the date of my post. Read my complete blog here.

Why Liberals Should Back Border Security and Effective Immigration Law Enforcement

The concept of "The Big Lie" has been co-opted by the Immigration Anarchists, the opponents of border security and effective immigration law enforcement.  For the past several decades these folks have spread the mythology that those who seek secure borders and effective immigration law enforcement are right wing political extremists and bigots.  This is simply crazy.

Round One: President Barack Obama versus Challenger Mitt Romney

During the hours leading up to Debate I between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, I made the conscious decision not to watch. I’ve been paying close attention to presidential politics since 1960 when John F. Kennedy narrowly defeated Richard Nixon in the first ever televised debate.