Immigration and its Link to the Swing States' High Unemployment

A recent CAPS homepage feature story revealed that in August five of the 10 states considered pivotal in the U.S. presidential election lost jobs. Unemployment increased in Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Wisconsin. In the other five crucial states---Ohio, Colorado, New Mexico, Florida and Virginia, the unemployment statistics either remained unchanged or increased fractionally. The ten states represent 115 electoral votes.

More Damning Evidence that Agriculture’s "Labor Shortage" Is a Myth

In June, I wrote a CAPS homepage column titled Record Profits Expose Ag Industry’s Bogus “Rotting “  Claims .

I addressed what has been the non-stop annual barrage from the agriculture industry’s leaders complaining that an insufficient labor pool---meaning that growers want more cheap guest workers---has devastated crop production. But the facts belie the growers’ assessment and ignore the industry’s fiscal eye-popping soundness.

It Ain't Easy Finding Truth

Prior to Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) running for a U.S. Senate seat, and during the initial TARP period when she was getting much attention for speaking directly about what brought about the financial meltdown and what needed to be addressed in terms of accountability and transparency, I became a fan.

Reading between the lines…

The Center for American Progress conducted the Campus Progress National Conference.  The conference purports to teach college students how to create a progressive America.  The progress is the advancement of issues such as jobs, education, immigration, etc.  The illustrious speakers list included House Minority Leader Representative Nancy Pelosi, Democratic National Committee Chair & Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, U.S.

"60 Minutes" Report Shows American Families Hiding in the Shadows

For many years the advocates for open borders and unfettered immigration (those whom I have come to refer to as “Immigration Anarchists”) have done everything they could to foster an image about how illegal aliens are suffering and hiding in the shadows in communities across our country.

How Brookings Wrote Its Phony H-1B Report; Insiders Share Secrets

Last week, my syndicated column addressed the phony Brookings Institution report “The Search for Skills” that claimed the United States needs more H-1B visas despite sustained high unemployment in all sectors including IT. Many readers had questions.

Obama and Romney Should Read Wall Street Journal to Learn About American Job Loss

According to an analysis made by Challenger, Grey and Christmas, layoffs in the tech sector reached their highest level in three years during 2012’s first six months. CGC is the nation’s first, largest and oldest executive placement organization.

Immigration, American Unemployment, Obama and His Ticking Clock

The June jobs report, only 80,000 created, is so grim that not even lifelong Democrat and former Clinton administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich can find a silver lining.

Jobs Report Broken Record: Too Few Created in June to Keep Up with Population Growth

The Labor Department’s June jobs report was predictably bad. A mere 80,000 new jobs were added to the dismal economy. Analysts, noting that 80,000 isn’t enough jobs to keep up with population growth, forecast more of the same during summer’s remaining months and probably longer. [Job Growth Remains Tepid, No Dent in Rate of Unemployed, by Catherine Rampell, New York Times, July 6, 2012]

Obama’s Self-Serving Executive Order Most Hurtful to Unemployed Minorities

Whether the final total number of newly authorized workers that President Obama’s executive order will create is the administration’s projected 800,000, the Pew Hispanic Center’s 1.4 million or the probable 2 million the Migration Policy Institute expects, one fact  the other side can’t argue with: each new work permit issued makes an