Returning Veterans’ Challenges More Overwhelming than Previously Estimated

Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) has taken an aggressive pro-active stance in an effort to help returning veterans find jobs. In its Memorial Day television ad, CAPS underlined the plight of jobless veterans and pointed out that although American service men and women are having trouble finding gainful employment, many illegal aliens don’t face similar challenges. (Watch the ad here.)

Remember Jennifer Wedel?

You probably don't remember the name but you may remember her troublesome situation.  She joined President Obama on a Google+ hangout in January 2012.  Jennifer relayed to President Obama that her husband, a semiconductor engineer, has been unemployed for 3.5 years despite an arduous job search.  President Obama was unclear why Mr. Wedel was not employed.  Obama was advised or heard that someone in her husband's field "should be able to find something right away."  The President offered to help if she would send him her husband's resume.

With the United States a Part-Time Job Society, Immigration Policy Remains Unchanged

San Mateo’s Art Bailly hopes to get lucky and find work at a fast food franchise. Said Bailly: “I’m running around out here looking for a job at McDonald’s.” [Unemployment Extended Benefits Expiration May Lower Jobless Rates, by Arthur Delaney, Huffington Post, May 21, 2012]

It's Immigration, Stupid!

When Bill Clinton ran for the Presidency the first time, it was reported that a sign with a four word slogan was hung on the walls of his campaign office.  That sign simply said, “It's The Economy, Stupid!”

Enforcing Immigration Laws To Get Americans Back To Work

Virtually every candidate for elected office knows that he (she) must proclaim his goal of "creating jobs."

This is the case for those who seek office at the local level and is certainly true for those who aspire to win elections for seats in both houses of the United States Congress and for the Presidency.  Shortly after winning enough delegates to the Republican convention to lock up the Republican nomination Mitt Romney talked about his abilities and experiences as a businessman to know how to create jobs for Americans.

The Ultimate Disgrace: No Jobs for Returning Vets; New Immigrants Flood Market

Memorial Day is a good time to consider the ongoing plight of our returning American veterans. While too many of their fellow soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice, those fortunate enough to survive now come home to not only post-war traumatic stress syndrome but also sustained high unemployment.

Not Enough Illegal Farm Workers?

California supposedly now has an “illegal immigrant shortage” – not enough illegal workers for farms in the state, according to “Bloomberg Businessweek” (May 7 - 13, 2012).

Hire Vets (Or Any American!); No to Aliens

As incredible as it is, the federal government prefers that recently arrived immigrants (and 8 million illegal aliens in non-farm jobs) be first in line for employment ahead of returning war veterans.

Regardless of American Worker Displacement, Immigration Grinds On

Getting a consensus on how many millions of Americans are looking for work is tough. But one thing is certain: No matter how the White House favorably spins the April Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report (unemployment down to 8.1 percent from last month’s 8.2), the net result can’t be obscured. Last month, the dismal economy created only a measly 115,000 jobs.

Another California Dubious Distinction: Of Five Cities with Nation’s Highest Unemployment, the Golden State Has Four

Unemployment rates vary widely from state to state and, within those states, from city to city. In Pittsburgh, my home town, unemployment is 7.3 percent, about a full point below the 8.2 percent national average. Throughout Pennsylvania, unemployment is at its lowest since 2009, 7.5 percent. Entry level jobs in retail and office management are abundant. [PA. Jobless Rate down to 7.5 percent in March, by Amy Belser, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 20, 2012]