Outrageous! Foreign-Born Landing High Paying Jobs at Record Rate

Despite relentless high unemployment in all sectors, across all demographic categories and throughout all age groups, U.S. companies are hiring foreign-born workers at a furious pace. Business Insider reporter Julie Bort describes the corporate eagerness to hire non-U.S. workers as “tripping over themselves to fill high paying jobs with workers from overseas.”

No Matter the Conditions on the Ground, Our Foes Want Amnesty Now!

Last year, at just about this time, the patriotic immigration reform movement was locked in a 24/7, do or die battle against the DREAM Act. The bill had been defeated in Congress only months before and had consistently been rejected for a decade. Yet its proponents stacked the deck to bring the DREAM Act up for another vote during the 2010 lame duck session.

What have you lost because of illegal immigration?

If you were to ask Billy and Cathy Inman about illegal immigration over 11 years ago, they may not have much of an opinion.  If you ask them now, you will receive an alarmingly different answer for a heartbreaking reason.  Their answer changed after their son, Dustin Inman, was killed when an illegal alien driver with a North Carolina driver's license ran into the back of their van at 70 miles per hour as their car waited at a red light.  The Inman family has paid the ultimate price.

Oregon Wants Labor Department to Toughen Up on H-2B Visa Fraud

Here’s a good news update on my blog last week. I wrote about the outrageous Department of Labor report that $7 million in federal stimulus money from the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was paid to 254 foreign-born workers via Oregon forestry placement agencies. The workers were brought into Oregon on H-2B visas; 146 Americans were contacted but only 36 hired.

House Sells American Workers Down the River---Again!

Here’s a glowing example of how hurtful legal immigration is to American workers.

Outrage! Stimulus Money Goes to Pay Foreign-Born (But Legal) Workers

On October 17, the Department of Labor Department released its Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) report which revealed that more than $7 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds were paid out to four Oregon forestry services firms who hired no U.S. workers.

According to the report:

Seeing Red When Green Cards Lead to Pink Slips for Americans

When most people think about the impact of immigration on the labor market, they think about illegal aliens running our nation's borders to take jobs that involve workers' brawn not their brains.

California’s Vicious Unemployment Cycle

As recently posted on the CAPS homepage, California has the United States’ second highest unemployment rate. According to seasonally adjusted figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, California’s 11.7 unemployment rate is slightly lower than Nevada’s 13.4 percent. [Despite Gains, California Has Second Highest Jobless Rate in U.S., Los Angeles Times, November 22, 2011]

“Hopeful” Employment News Is Really Not So Hopeful

At first glance, last week’s report that the number of people applying for unemployment benefits fell to the lowest level since early April should be an indication of better things ahead. The Labor Department announced the fourth decline in five weeks to a seasonally adjusted 388,000. The four-week average, a better indicator, dropped to 396,750, the first time in seven months that the average dropped below 400,000.

An Unspeakable Outrage: Returning Veterans Face Unemployment; Foreign-Born Workers Get Visas and Work Permits

Aloysius Boyle, United States Marine Corps Captain, had a compelling op-ed which appeared in Friday’s Huffington Post. Titled Battlefield to Boardroom---Combating Veteran Unemployment, Captain Boyle made a gut wrenching case for the unemployed vets who have recently returned from the ten-year-long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.