This week President Obama pandered to a group of black business owners, political and community leaders by stating that his policies "were designed with African-Americans in mind," (Obama seeks ideas on reducing Black joblessness).

Dueling E-Verify Bills: House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith versus California Governor Jerry Brown

Over the next few days, the House Judiciary Committee will continue to mark up Chairman Lamar Smith’s Legal Workforce Act, H.R. 2885, that will make E-Verify mandatory for employers. The strong probability is that the committee will pass Smith’s bill with few substantive changes and that it will then squeak past the Senate and be signed by President Obama.

Romney, Perry in Lockstep: Issue More Non-Immigrant Work Visas Now!

When evaluating Republican presidential candidates---a pretty sorry lot---and their immigration positions, I always discount claims of "securing the border," or promising not to sign amnesty legislation. Those are boilerplate statements that even the most radical pro-immigration legislator might make.

CAPS Legal Immigration Ad Seen By Over 5 million people!

Thank you to everyone who tweeted and e-mailed pertinent questions about immigration to the moderators of last night’s Republican Presidential debate (please continue to contact moderators of upcoming debates as well).

Zero New August Jobs; Zero Hope for Unemployed Americans

The great old refrain "I’ve been down so long it looks like up to me" should become the nation’s new unofficial anthem.

Hope Your Labor Day Included A Protest About Unemployment---And The Immigration Connection

Robert Reich, the former U.S. secretary of labor and current University of California at Berkeley professor of public policy encouraged Americans to cancel their traditional Labor Day parades this year. Instead Reich suggested staging protest marches that targeted President “I’ll Create 3 Million Jobs” Obama on his failure to deliver on his campaign promises.

Double Whammy

This week is an unusual week in that we will celebrate the achievements of hard working Americans on Labor Day and also, just six days later, remember the horrors of the terrorist attacks carried out ten years ago on September 11, 2001 that slaughtered more than 3,000 innocent victims and wrought such destruction on our nation and our way of life.

Although not many members of the political establishment or of the news media will connect the dots, immigration is an extremely important component of both of these issues.

In 46 of 50 States, There are More Unemployed Americans (13.9 Million) Than There is Total Population (In Any of Those Individual States)

Wall Street Journal blogger David Wessel has developed a different and more painful way to explain the United States’ unemployment crisis. Wessel goes beyond the dreary statistic too familiar to so many of us: 13.9 million unemployed Americans, a total that represents only those seeking work. If you included Americans looking for a full time job who cannot find one, the total increases to nearly 22 million, an E-6 unemployment rate of more than 20 percent.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Latest Report: 2012 Worst Year for Youth Employment “On Record”

Here’s the latest on the scandalous story about the Hershey Company and its abuse of the J-1 visa. As reported last week, the Hershey Company used about 400 J-1 visa holders, supposedly on a “cultural exchange program,” to work in its warehouses, lift 50 pound crates for long hours while earning a $6-$8 hourly wage. The story made national headlines when the Hershey workers, also foreign-born students from Romania, Nigeria, China, Ukraine and Poland walked off their jobs and staged public demonstrations.

Man vs. Machine

Man vs. Machine is a long-running theme explored by futurists and well-mined by filmmakers and science fiction writers (I’m partial to Blade Runner and The Matrix). Machines (technology) taking over the world or machines “rebelling” are a most popular theme from I, Robot to the Terminator series.