High Immigration Hurts American Workers…And Doesn’t Do Much for the Immigrants Either

Americans repeatedly hear that the country needs about 125,000 jobs per month simply to keep up with population growth. Mitt Romney, for example, has added that theme to his nascent presidential campaign.

Things I Never Knew: Each H-1B Visa Means Five New Jobs for American Workers!

Last week in a telephone interview with editorial writers and other journalists worldwide Alejandro Mayorkas, chief of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, outlined the Obama administration’s plan to make non-immigrant work visas and green cards more readily available to so called "job creators" as a solution to U.S unemployment.

Mexico 'running out of Mexicans to export'

In the July 28th edition of the Sacramento Bee, González Gutiérrez, consul general of Mexico, was quoted, saying, "As a natural consequence of us transforming from a rural to an urban society, we are running out of Mexicans to export. Our society's growing at a rate of 2.1 children per woman – in the 1970s it was more than five."

Well, that sounds like some good news.

Whatever the Nation's Problems Are, Capitol Hill's Solution Is More Immigration

Capitol Hill’s knee-jerk reaction to problem solving is to call for more immigration, issue more non-immigrant visas or liberalize existing immigration laws. Even the jobs crisis, according to the Obama administration, requires more immigrants.

Understanding the logic behind calling for more immigration no matter what is tough. If you have, as the United States does, too many people and not enough jobs, why would you add more people?

Government Of the People, By the People and For the People?

"Government of the people, by the people and for the people" was President Abraham Lincoln's eloquent way of describing the relationship between the citizens of the United States and their government in his Gettysburg Address.

That famous quote is often repeated but there seems to be scant attention paid to what those amazing 11 words really mean.

Use IMAGE to Hire Legal Workers and Sleep Well! So Says California Car Wash Owner

While the Congressional debate regarding immigration law enforcement is mostly focused on mandatory E-Verify, namely House Judiciary Committee Chair Lamar Smith’s Legal Workforce Act and Senator Chuck Grassley’s Accountability Through Electronic Verification Act, another even tougher program is growing in popularity.

Shovel-Ready Jobs

The United States is confronting so many challenges coming from many directions simultaneously.

Our nation is facing a debt ceiling and no one has yet to determine what will happen if the debt ceiling is not raised and the United States defaults on its obligations.  What is known that this would likely have serious ramifications for our nation, our citizens, and for other countries across the planet.

Illegal Aliens Working While Many Black Americas Struggle Though Depression Era Unemployment

On its June 19 evening broadcast, CBS News reported shocking statistics that showed many African-Americans living in New York have to cope with Depression-like unemployment rates.

According to correspondent Michelle Miller, "34 percent of New York's young black men age 19 to 24 are not working."

Ten Years Out of Office, Bill Clinton Still Promotes Anti-American Worker Agenda

Earlier last week, I spent a couple of days in Chicago. My mission was to watch the San Francisco Giants play the Cubs. But shortly after my arrival I learned that a long standing advocate of more immigration, former president Bill Clinton, was in also in town. Knowing that Clinton would be talking up an agenda hurtful to Americans, I was somewhat distracted.

A Human Resources Director Says E-Verify Works

A recent op-ed in The Tennessean took a series of cheap shots at E-Verify by calling it biased, unreliable and expensive to the businesses that m