Administration Poised to Provide More Jobs for Aliens

Virtually every politician who seeks public office promises to “create new jobs” and “bring American jobs back to America.”

BLS September Report: Disaster!

Once again the Wall Street experts were way off target on their jobs-added predictions in advance of the September Bureau of Labor Statistics report. The professionals’ consensus was that the economy would create 203,000 jobs. The harsh reality was not only that the total was a meager 142,000, but the BLS revised its already lackluster July and August reports down by an aggregate 59,000 jobs.

Every key statistic in the September data is dismal. Lowlights from the report:

H-1B Visa Cap Full? Employers Abuse the L!

Recently, I attended an immigration conference in Washington D.C. that included several American engineers. The agenda included a discussion about the fired Southern California Edison and Disney IT workers who, in addition to losing their jobs to H-1B visa holders, had to suffer the indignity of training their foreign-born replacements or lose their severance.

Immigration Spot Delivered Best Part of GOP Presidential Candidate Debate

GOP Presidental Debate Reagan Library Sep 2015

Important and obvious question on immigration omitted

Illegal (and Legal) Immigrants Won’t Save Social Security

A commonly heard cliché is that illegal immigrants help to support Social Security. One who expressed this view recently was libertarian ideologist John Stossel who never leaves a stone unturned to justify his open borders agenda. He stated, “[I]llegal immigration helps delay the bankruptcy of Social Security and Medicare. Young workers pay into the system – but most don’t collect.”

Former, Current Labor Secretaries Agree: Immigration Bad for Workers, Hurts Incomes

Labor Day 2015 will be bleak for many Americans. For those who have jobs, their real wages have been stagnant for about 30 years. And for the more than 92 million detached from the workforce, the chance of landing a good job grows slimmer every day.

Oreos Move to Mexico; Bad August BLS Report Worse than Anticipated

Not that I ever bought that many of them, but I’ve permanently taken Oreos off my shopping list. And I’ve told my friends with young children not to buy any of those awful Halloween Oreo Double Stuffers with the chemically infused orange filling. To no one’s surprise, the No. 1 ingredient in the Oreo is sugar.

Bureau of Labor Statistics May Report Step in Right Direction, but Dark Clouds Loom

The May Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report was more encouraging than anticipated. About 280,000 jobs were added, and some of the other supporting data also trended positive, including average wages, which increased eight cents an hour to $24.96.The most robust job growth came in business and professional services (63,000), followed closely by leisure and hospitality (57,000).

Uninspiring April BLS Report May Include ‘Phantom Jobs’

From the April Bureau of Labor Statistics report, throw out everything except this: wages increased 0.1 percent. A three-cents-an-hour wage increase for employees on nonfarm payrolls to an average $24.87 does little to raise Americans’ standard of living, especially for those working the average 34.5 hours per week.

Immigration: Supply & Demand and Rampant Greed

There is an expression that it makes no sense to bring sand to the beach. In other words, you don’t look to acquire more of a commodity when you have a surplus.

Today every politician running for office promises to help create jobs. Whether that politician is running for a minor county position or for the Presidency, the promise is the same: “If elected, I will help create jobs.”