Uninspiring April BLS Report May Include ‘Phantom Jobs’

From the April Bureau of Labor Statistics report, throw out everything except this: wages increased 0.1 percent. A three-cents-an-hour wage increase for employees on nonfarm payrolls to an average $24.87 does little to raise Americans’ standard of living, especially for those working the average 34.5 hours per week.

Immigration: Supply & Demand and Rampant Greed

There is an expression that it makes no sense to bring sand to the beach. In other words, you don’t look to acquire more of a commodity when you have a surplus.

Today every politician running for office promises to help create jobs. Whether that politician is running for a minor county position or for the Presidency, the promise is the same: “If elected, I will help create jobs.”

Here Comes Sawyer; There Goes Your Job!

Senator Jeff Sessions’ April 9 Washington Post op-ed provides a useful immigration history summary, and an update on the dire employment picture for Americans that unchecked immigration has victimized.

Bureau of Labor Statistics: For Unemployed Americans, a Miserable March

The last few days have been a double-barreled sock in the gut for unemployed Americans. First, on April 3, the Bureau of Labor Statistics issued its monthly jobs report.

Retail Stores Close, Fewer Options for American Workers, Administration Indifferent

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly reports invariably reflect retail employment gains, one variable that contributes to the myth that the economy is getting stronger. In February, for example, retail added 32,000 jobs and during the last 12 months increased by 319,000.

Gas Prices Drop, Unemployment Rises Among Oilfield Workers

While motorists were enjoying the steep drop in gas prices, workers in the oil industry grew more apprehensive with each penny’s decline at the pump. The lower prices plunged, the more at risk their jobs became.

Economic Policy Institute Demands Labor Secretary Investigate SoCal Edison H-1B Scandal

The Economic Policy Institute has joined outraged Americans in the quest for justice on behalf of the laid-off Southern California Edison (SCE) workers displaced by foreign-born H-1B visa holders.

H-4 Visa Holders Approved for Employment; More American Job Displacement

The Obama administration has delivered another setback to the more than 90 million Americans not attached to the workforce. On February 24, U.S.

Open Borders Is Neither Moral Nor Practical

“Open borders” is the agenda of many mass immigration promoters. The idea is that anyone from abroad who wants to cross our border and settle in the United States should have the right to do so. But aside from zany libertarians, most of these advocates don’t explicitly endorse what they believe because they know how preposterous it sounds to most people. Sometimes they are globalists who are advancing political and economic goals at odds with the interests of most of their fellow citizens – thus the need to conceal their aims.

Southern California Edison Brazenly Fires 400 American Workers, Replaces them with Overseas Labor

News that Southern California Edison (SCE) fired 400 American IT workers and replaced them with foreign-born H-1B visa holders is remarkable only in the sense that the media picked up the story. Other high-visibility employers like Disney shamelessly rely on H-1B workers, and in the process overlook many qualified Americans.