Diogenes Finally Finds an Honest Man: Gallup CEO Debunks BLS Monthly Cheerleading

Just in time for the January Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report, the purposely distorted monthly snapshot of American employment, an honest man has spoken out. Jim Clifton, Gallup Chairman and CEO, told the truth about the unemployment numbers that too few Americans understand. In his op-ed column, Clifton explained that the more people who drop out of the labor market, the better the unemployment rate looks.

Scandalous: Defiant Obama’s ‘Shadow’ Work Permit Program for 5.5 Million Aliens

President Obama is fond of saying that his executive immigration action isn’t amnesty. Other supporters insist that since Obama’s unilateral action doesn’t include a path to citizenship, it clearly can’t be categorized as amnesty.

Mexican Consulates to Issue Birth Certificates on the Spot

On January 6, the same day that the 114th Congress was sworn in, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto met with President Obama. Top on their agenda was how Mexico could help facilitate Obama’s executive amnesty, specifically by making sure its unlawful immigrants could promptly provide adequate qualifying documentation to the Department of Homeland Security.

Coming Soon: Robots in the Cockpit

In commercial aviation’s earlier days, the flight deck had a captain, copilot and a navigator. On longer flights, a second crew would be on board to take over once the original crew had reached its maximum hours. Going back even further in aviation history, nurses or other medical attendants were paid airline employees whose presence gave comfort to jittery passengers.

For America to Do Well, Americans Must Do Well

America’s immigration laws were enacted to achieve two primary goals: protect the jobs of American workers and protect innocent lives. It is impossible to imagine that politicians who traditionally campaign on promises to create jobs for their constituents and reduce crime could take issue with the effective enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws. Yet, Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) would undermine those two essential objectives, because the goals of CIR are focused on changing, not enforcing our immigration laws.

New Congress, Same Old Story: Senate Introduces High-Tech Bill to Increase Foreign Workers

The tech lobby got a huge payoff from one of its staunchest allies, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. On January 13, Hatch reintroduced his high-skilled immigration bill, the Immigration Innovation Act, which looks suspiciously similar to Mark Zuckerberg’s wish list that he promoted so relentlessly last summer.

Despite Lame December BLS Report, Millions of Illegal Immigrants May Soon Get Work Permits

Wall Street’s interpretation of the Bureau of Labor Statistics report on December employment: 252,000 jobs created; unemployment declines to 5.6 percent!

BLS Nov. Report: Better but Not Enough to Keep Up with Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported its strongest payroll hikes in four years. During November, employers, driven at least in part by earlier-than-normal holiday hiring, added 321,000 jobs. The November total is stronger than the 230,000 economists had predicted. The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5.8 percent, while the U-6 unemployment dropped from 11.5 percent to 11.4 percent.

On Veterans Day: Defeating Amnesty Would Help Vets Land Jobs

With Robert McDonald’s appointment four months ago as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, our nation’s military may finally be on their way to getting the medical treatment that they’ve earned and deserve.

CAPS Says ‘Save Our States’

News in recent weeks has been dominated by the Ebola virus and fundamentalist terrorists claiming Islam and barbarism as their own (what a combination!), so our continuing immigration dysfunction in the U.S. and our unsecured borders haven’t been much in the news. But, Hello, the problem still is here. In fact, with Ebola and ISIS, one would think mainstream media would be a little more attuned to the value of border enforcement.