legal immigration

legal immigration

Americans Deserve a RAISE on Labor Day

Labor Day is a time-honored celebration of American workers and their achievements — which are many. Our workforce built the American dream, which was a promise millions of Americans could rely on for decades. Go to school, find a trade, work hard, and a livable wage, modest home, and middle-class life would follow.

Trump Administration Tightens Self-Sufficiency Rule for Legal Immigrants

In 1996, Congress passed two bipartisan measures that were signed into law by President Bill Clinton to prevent legal immigrants from becoming a “public charge,” or dependents of the U.S. government for welfare and social services.

Justice for Victims of Sanctuary Cities Act Gives Victims Recourse Against Sanctuary Jurisdictions

Imagine losing a loved one in a terrible crime or accident only to learn the perpetrator responsible could have been imprisoned or deported had local law enforcement officials reported the illegal alien to ICE for previous offenses?

Visa Overstays, Like Border Crossings, Are at Crisis Levels

Despite the President’s numerous shifts in policy and legal attempts to stop the flood of illegal aliens trying to cross our southern border, the crisis undoubtedly persists. Brandon Judd, president of the Border Patrol Union, recently told NPR host Steve Inskeep that the border patrol was “arresting around 6,000 per day on the southwest border, which has never happened before.”

What We Know About the President’s Immigration Proposal

The White House is expected to roll out an immigration plan this week with the President’s approval, and reportedly authored by the President’s son-in-law and top advisor, Jared Kushner.

CAPS Takes on Trump Flip-Flop on Legal Immigration in New TV Ad

President Trump made many campaign promises on immigration. The President promised to make border security a priority. He promised to make E-Verify mandatory, cutting off the magnet for immigrants to illegally migrate to the United States in search of work. The President also repeatedly promised to lower immigration levels.

New Report Underlines RAISE Act’s Importance: Cut Immigration, Lower Population

map of us showing borders
Every state is a border state.

Global Poll Reflects Universal Concern about Migration, Refugee Resettlement

global refugee resettlement cartoon
A 25-nation majority skeptical about immigration, refugee resettlement.

Overloaded Immigration Courts Slower than ever with Fewer Deportations

Perhaps more than any other metric, the astronomical increase in immigration court cases underlines the catastrophic fall out from decades of lax immigration enforcement.

New Pew Report on Diversity Visa Good Reminder of RAISE Act’s importance; Bill Would End DV

The Pew Research Center produces invaluable reports that often focus on, among other topics, immigration, population growth and, albeit indirectly, the link between the two. Pew’s latest analysis tackles a target CAPS has regularly criticized – the purposeless and harmful Diversity Visa.