population growth

population growth

Brown Signs Bills to Alleviate Affordable Housing Shortage; Mum on Population Growth

Brown and his entourage
Senate Pro Tem President Kevin de Leon Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti,
and others at Hunter’s Point, an impoverished, crime-ridden neighborhood
Sacramento legislator hopes to transform over the next decade into
an affordable housing units.

Here Come the Giga-Mansions; There Go California’s Magnificent Hillsides

so cal mansion
Home, Sweet, Home: 100,000-square-foot, $500 million monstrosity,
 latest Los Angeles trend. 

Frustrated New York Subway Riders Struggling with Over-Population Related Delays

NYC subway scene
75,000 subway delays monthly, overpopulation contributes to one-third of them.

A U.S. with One Billion People ‘Would be Amazing’

Us Map

The Last Peach

Population Growth, Sprawl Threaten California’s Crops.

Population Growth: Overlooked Cause of Astronomical Housing Costs in California

Telegraph Hill District of San Francisco
Astronomical:  the cost of housing in San Francisco
(Telegraph Hill District)

Three U.S. National Commissions Calling for Immigration Reductions and U.S. Population Stabilization

Emeritus professor of biology at San Diego State University, Fellow of AAAS, and president of Scientists and Environmentalists for Population Stabilization. Contact: hurlbert@mail.sdsu.edu.
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As U.S. Population Rises, Groundwater Levels Fall

A new analysis by the Alexandria, Virginia-based group Negative Population Growth (NPG) finds that rapid U.S. population growth is stressing both the quantity and quality of our nation’s critical groundwater resources.

California Education System Overwhelmed, Can’t Keep up with Student Population Growth

CSU to end remedial English, math classes
CSU to end remedial English, math classes.

Overpopulated Los Angeles Now Coping with Homeless Latinos

homeless tent in city scene
Fewer People Best Solution to Homelessness.