population growth

population growth

In Australia, Ignoring Population Growth Brings Down a Political Party

In my November 15 blog, I wrote about our Australian allies that CAPS representatives met in Washington D

Quality of Life and Overpopulation

On any given day in Los Angeles, entering the roadways is an exercise in risking one’s life and testing the limits of one’s patience, whether driving or walking. Maybe some just accept that as “a given” since L.A., with 4 million people now, is the most populated city in California. But when we moved to L.A. some 20 years ago from the East Coast (where drivers were dreadful from my vantage point – a transplant from Oklahoma and civil driving), one of the first things I noticed was how much nicer the drivers were here versus my New Jersey-Connecticut-New York experience. As the years have passed, that’s certainly no longer true; driver courtesy has devolved markedly in my experience. So my initial observation is now but history of a kinder, gentler California (I can only imagine what people who lived here in the 50s and 60s think of the changed landscape).

To End Population Crisis, Look for Long Term Solutions

A December 22 story in the New York Times unintentionally highlighted the one of the gravest problems with overpopulation.

What Does an Overpopulation Planet Look Like in 40 Years?

While you read about every kind of disaster from Haiti to India, from Mexico to Sudan—few understand the ramifications of continued human overpopulation growth.  Mostly, they avoid it!  However, as human overload grows more serious within the United States, more and more people consider its accelerating consequences as a systematic global predicament.

Part 9: What Constitutes Overpopulation in America?

Gridlocked traffic in our cities, 35,000 roadway deaths annually, 6,000 pedestrian deaths, tens of thousands of pedestrian injuries

Our Australian Population Stabilization Allies Form a Political Party

In October, when a contingent of Californians for Population Stabilization representatives convened in Washington D.C., we attended the fourth annual Population Strategy Meeting.

India, Obama, Toilets and my Cat

President Obama’s trip to India has elevated coverage of the planet’s second most populous country. One Associated Press article that captured the extremes in the country particularly well was headed, "India: Land of many cell phones, fewer toilets."

Part 2: What Constitutes Overpopulation in America? Exceeding Carrying Capacity

Little known and always avoided, the United States faces THE single greatest issue of its existence in the 21st century.  “What is it?” you ask.  Top environmental experts respond, “Overpop

Polygamy & Population

TLC, the channel that’s brought us behavior outside the norm (breeding too many children) with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar in "19 Kids and Counting," now has added the icky-sounding "Sister Wives" to

Part 1: Overpopulation in 21st Century America -- Our Perilous Future

In the early years of the 21st century, the United States continues on a course toward adding another 100 million people by 2035.