population growth

population growth

Israel Understands Border Security, Population Stabilization; U.S. Doesn’t

The United States government could learn a lot from Israel. Too bad President Barack Obama holds Israeli Prime Minister and valued U.S. ally Benjamin Netanyahu in such low regard.

Global Freak-Out on Inevitable Population Aging

Heads exploded around the world recently.

http://www.realhorrorstories.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Header22.jpgWhat caused this sudden spate of multiple mass splatter incidents? Could it have been that President Obama suddenly had a change of heart and announced that henceforth “undocumented migrants” are to be called illegal aliens (what they actually are) and deported forthwith?

World Population Growth Is Speeding Up, Not Slowing Down; No Peak in Sight and Consequences Will Be Catastrophic

The world’s population grew by 89 million in 2015, according to the demographers at the respected Population Reference Bureau (PRB) in Washington, D.C., who have been compiling and analyzing demographic data since 1929. In mid-2016, we stand at approximately 7.4 billion people, and counting. Counting very rapidly, in fact.

My Summer Driving Vacation: Construction Alerts, Traffic Delays, Sprawl up Close

I’m of the age where the Sunday family drive was one of the week’s highlights. Now, after returning from a driving vacation starting from Western Pennsylvania, crossing Ohio, and ending in northern Michigan, my goal is to go to any reasonable lengths to keep my car in the garage.

San Francisco: Overpopulated Mess

I’ve seen California’s future, and it’s overpopulated, over-crowded, traffic-paralyzed San Francisco. Even making allowances for the fact that my most recent visit occurred in July, a heavy tourist month, there’s no escaping that San Francisco is a mess, hardly the city whose “golden sun” shined so brightly for Tony Bennett.

Good for the Brits! Brexit Brings Renewal of Democracy

Tremendous Immigrant Flows into the UK Were a Factor in Vote

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs SB-10; Bill Heads to Alien-Friendly D.C. for Final Okay

Californians May Soon be Paying Billions of Dollars for Illegal Alien Health Care

Virginia, Like California, Transformed by Continuing Unchecked Immigration

Directly on the heels of the California Department of Finance’s report that the state’s population increased last year by 348,000 residents, mostly from immigrants and births to immigrants, came an insightful Washington Post op-ed that also identifies immigration as Virginia’s major population driver.

California’s Population Moves Ever-Upward, Terrible News for State’s Residents

For the first time in history, Los Angeles’ population tops four million. According to California’s Department of Finance, Los Angeles has 50,000 more people than the previous reporting year. Statewide, California’s population grew 0.9 percent, or 348,000 additional residents, to push the statewide total to 39.3 million.

Overpopulation, Drought and Syria’s Devastating Five-Year Civil War

Consequences include mass savagery, suffering, death and

the stampede of refugees toward Europe on a vast scale.