population growth

population growth

San Francisco: Overpopulated Mess

I’ve seen California’s future, and it’s overpopulated, over-crowded, traffic-paralyzed San Francisco. Even making allowances for the fact that my most recent visit occurred in July, a heavy tourist month, there’s no escaping that San Francisco is a mess, hardly the city whose “golden sun” shined so brightly for Tony Bennett.

Good for the Brits! Brexit Brings Renewal of Democracy

Tremendous Immigrant Flows into the UK Were a Factor in Vote

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs SB-10; Bill Heads to Alien-Friendly D.C. for Final Okay

Californians May Soon be Paying Billions of Dollars for Illegal Alien Health Care

Virginia, Like California, Transformed by Continuing Unchecked Immigration

Directly on the heels of the California Department of Finance’s report that the state’s population increased last year by 348,000 residents, mostly from immigrants and births to immigrants, came an insightful Washington Post op-ed that also identifies immigration as Virginia’s major population driver.

California’s Population Moves Ever-Upward, Terrible News for State’s Residents

For the first time in history, Los Angeles’ population tops four million. According to California’s Department of Finance, Los Angeles has 50,000 more people than the previous reporting year. Statewide, California’s population grew 0.9 percent, or 348,000 additional residents, to push the statewide total to 39.3 million.

Overpopulation, Drought and Syria’s Devastating Five-Year Civil War

Consequences include mass savagery, suffering, death and

the stampede of refugees toward Europe on a vast scale.

New California Birth Control Prescription Law to Take Effect in April

California Legislature passes bill to help stabilize population.

Georgie Anne Geyer: Journalist with a heart…and a brain

Georgie Anne Geyer

2,000 Years of Global Growth in 6 Minutes

The NGO Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth or ZPG) has produced an outstanding, visually arresting 6-minute video that graphically dramatizes the population explosion humanity and our Earth have experienced in the last two centuries.

AAAS Wields the Censor's Hammer on U.S. Population Issues

Emeritus professor of biology at San Diego State University, Fellow of AAAS, and president of Scientists and Environmentalists for Population Stabilization. Contact: hurlbert@mail.sdsu.edu.