population growth

population growth

New California Birth Control Prescription Law to Take Effect in April

California Legislature passes bill to help stabilize population.

Georgie Anne Geyer: Journalist with a heart…and a brain

Georgie Anne Geyer

2,000 Years of Global Growth in 6 Minutes

The NGO Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth or ZPG) has produced an outstanding, visually arresting 6-minute video that graphically dramatizes the population explosion humanity and our Earth have experienced in the last two centuries.

AAAS Wields the Censor's Hammer on U.S. Population Issues

Emeritus professor of biology at San Diego State University, Fellow of AAAS, and president of Scientists and Environmentalists for Population Stabilization. Contact: hurlbert@mail.sdsu.edu.

Population Density in Parts of L.A. County Exceeds Brooklyn and the Bronx

An eye-popping blog post from Dr. Housing Bubble reported that some Los Angeles neighborhoods have higher population densities than New York’s notoriously overcrowded boroughs of Brooklyn and the Bronx. Dr.

More People = More Traffic as Population Crisis Grows

A recent story in The Denver Post – “Think traffic is bad around the Denver area? Just wait a decade or two” – could just as easily apply to Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, along with 30 other overpopulated cities in America.

Fight the Myths in 2016

Malls and “destination” shopping are something I avoid, but I found myself in a retail center on January 2 to exchange a gift for another size. (My dislike for the mall world is such that if the transaction could have been handled online, I would have.) The relative tranquility in Los Angeles between the Christmas and New Year holiday due to significantly fewer people in town was gone by then, and the mall parking lot traffic lanes were filled by vehicles with nowhere to move – complete gridlock in a parking lot.

Aldous Huxley on Overpopulation

Brave New World author warned of threat in 1958

Address the Cause, Not the Symptoms

A book review of 
Move Upstream: A Call to Solve Overpopulation, by Karen I. Shragg

America Guaranteed to Surpass Population Capacity Sooner Rather than Later

My friend Dr. Jack Alpert, a Stanford University graduate and the director at www.Skil.org out of Shawnee, Kansas, projects specific societal breakdown for dozens of countries around the world.