population growth

population growth

Continuing Human Population Growth Overwhelming, Wiping out World Wildlife

“Can you think of any problem on any scale, from microscopic to global, whose long-term solution is in any way aided, assisted, or advanced by having larger populations at the local level, state level, nationally, or globally? Can you think of anything that will get better, if we crowd more people into our towns, cities, states, nations, or world?”

Gutting Family Planning Programs Will Only Increase Abortions

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras for three years. Family planning and birth control were rudimentary at best in that small, struggling Central American republic. Not coincidentally, there were many unplanned births and extremely rapid population growth. When I was in Honduras, its population was increasing by more than 3 percent annually, at a rate that would double its size every 20 to 25 years.

Why Americans Must Demand a 10-Year Immigration Moratorium

Today in America, with 322 million people, seven states – California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas – face imminent water shortages.

Yet, because of consistently high numbers of both legal and illegal immigrants coming to the United States every year, our country is expected to grow from that already high 322 million people to more than 438 million within the next 35 years. If you think we have water problems now …

Immigration: The Numbers Keep Rising

Mainstream media folks always are looking for ways to make it appear that immigration isn’t so much of a problem. One line they’ve used in recent years is that net migration from Mexico, legal and illegal, has gone down to zero, with the number of people entering evenly balanced by the number leaving.

Peak Oil ≠ Peak Exports

Saudi Arabia must consume ever more of its oil to supply its own exploding population

Overpopulation: A Silent Majority Is Concerned

While Gov. Jerry Brown finally acknowledged that population growth might be a problem, generally, overpopulation is not an issue much discussed by our elected leaders or media these days. This is rather unbelievable, given the already staggering world population – now at 7.3 billion – may soar to 10.9 billion by the end of the century.

California Population Up, So is Homelessness

Add this to the growing number of problems California faces that more population would exacerbate: according to the biennial census, Los Angeles County has more people sleeping on the streets and in their cars than two years ago, many of them for the first time. Of the 44,359 homeless in L.A. County, only 30 percent were sheltered.

Drought Assails California’s Air as well as its Water

The drought now wracking California is obviously wreaking havoc with the state’s limited and shriveling water resources – withering crops and orchards and lawns. What is less well known is that the drought is also affecting air quality.

Cornucopia Fizzles in California

California has achieved a dubious distinction. According to Measure of America, a project of the Social Research Council, it is the most unequal state in the United States in terms of economic disparity and general well-being. Two areas in the state provide stark illustration of this division.

Immigration Can Be Good or Bad, Depending ...

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is so bullish on immigration that bull-headed is the best way to describe it. Proportion and subtlety escape him when he speaks on the subject.