Trump Administration Tightens Self-Sufficiency Rule for Legal Immigrants

In 1996, Congress passed two bipartisan measures that were signed into law by President Bill Clinton to prevent legal immigrants from becoming a “public charge,” or dependents of the U.S. government for welfare and social services.

Tucker Carlson Points Out The Negative Effect Mass Migration Has on the Environment

Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently had Phil Cafaro, author of How Many Is Too Many? The Progressive Argument for Reducing Immigration into the United States, on his program to discuss the environmental case for reducing immigration to the U.S.

New CAPS Video Explains Why Sanctuaries Threaten The American Dream

There are many misconceptions about illegal and legal immigration and their impact on population growth in the United States. The media and amnesty activists like to portray 12 million illegal aliens in the United States as having no real impact on our population growth, the labor market, or pollution.

A Glaring Symptom of California’s Unsustainable Population Growth

The population of California has been growing at unsustainable levels for decades. Now, at nearly 40 million residents, the Golden State is witnessing a housing shortage exacerbated by the most destructive wildfires in California’s history.

Driving on Earth Day? Good Luck with the Traffic

For the millions of Californians worried about the state’s unsustainable population growth, the latest INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard report analyzes the problem of too many people in an everyday context – gridlock.

Overpopulation, Development, Stagnation, Migration and Vindication

Rejecting demographic reality should not be rewarded.

Back in 1994, the Los Angeles Times published a letter to the editor of mine under the headline “Overpopulation and Resources,” criticizing a Times op-ed column by the hard-hitting, flamboyant, lefty journalist and author Alexander Cockburn. The contrarian and colorful Cockburn, a former writer for The Nation and the Village Voice, later founded the webzine Counterpunch before dying of cancer in 2012.

Quality of Life and Overpopulation

From my world bicycle travels, I witnessed “quality of life” in more than 100 countries on six continents – a total of 150,000 miles over 45 years. More than the luxury traveler, I experienced those countries at 12 miles per hour. At that pace, a person gains much more than the “high speed” hotel traveler visiting Machu Picchu, the Great Wall, the Vatican, the Outback, Calcutta, Morocco and dozens of iconic tourist spots around the planet.

Cassandra Syndrome Today

As a world bicycle traveler, you might refer to me as a Cassandra messenger. The Cassandra Syndrome derives from predictions of doom about a future few believe could occur, but upon later reflection turn out to be correct.

New Census Bureau Stats Show California Resettled Most Immigrants since Obama’s Inauguration

As might be expected, overpopulated California has received the most migrants since 2010, 538,000. During 2014 alone, 1.6 million legal and illegal immigrants came to the United States, a 40 percent average annual increase since President Obama took office.

Donald J. Trump: 45th U.S. President

The explanation for how Donald J. Trump won the presidency can be summarized in a single, simple statement: during eight years in office, President Obama consistently put Americans last. Trump’s promise to bring back jobs, enforce immigration laws, restore inner cities and help ailing veterans resonated across America. Obama’s consistent refusal to act in Americans’ best interests, and to on several occasions blatantly ignore Congress, then sign executive actions that plainly hurt citizens, was impossible for voters to ignore.