October 2014 E-Newsletter


Fall Fight Focus: Executive Amnesty

Dear CAPS Supporter,

As this summer's border surge fades from the media due to the Ebola and Syrian crises as well as the upcoming elections, the biggest news on our shared cause remains the Obama administration's promise to act on its own to double legal immigration and grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.


Predictably, President Obama criticized the House's tough summer border bills, and said he would act on his own to expand his administrative amnesty before the end of summer. Bowing to public opposition from CAPS members like you, he later retracted that promise and announced that he would delay his plans until after the November elections. Obama claimed that he needed the time to convince Americans of the necessity of his action, but the move was more likely to save several Democratic senators from defeat.

We've got work to do!
  • Have you asked your Senators if they will stand with the American worker instead of supporting massive increases in both legal and illegal immigration?  Click on "take action" below now or cut and paste the url into your web browser:
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For more in-depth analysis and commentary on the myriad facets of overpopulation, please visit CAPSweb.org/fall-2014-newsletter for the full edition where you'll find these topics and more: The fall is rife with dangers that can only be defeated by focused activism and loyal support from CAPS members like you.  Thank you for your stalwart efforts to protect our environment and a good quality of life for all.


Jo Wideman
CAPS Executive Director

P.S.  As elections approach, your phone has probably been inundated like mine has with -- sometimes exasperating -- political survey calls.  If you have the time and patience be sure to let them know how you feel about reducing immigration to stabilize our population, whether they ask your opinion on that topic or not!


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