Joe Guzzardi

For Angel Dad Ray Tranchant, Tenth Anniversary Painful

By Joe Guzzardi
April 25, 2017
Last year, I met Ray Tranchant, an Angel Dad whose 16-year-old daughter Tessa and her best friend Ali were killed in Virginia Beach by illegal alien Alfredo Ramos. Ten years ago, Tessa and Ali died immediately when Ramos rear-ended their vehicle with his car, traveling at 70 mph, as the teens waited for a red light to change.

‘Dealmaker’ Trump Flip-Flops on DACA; Comes Away with Zilch

By Joe Guzzardi
April 24, 2017

On his way to the White House, President Donald Trump forgot all he knows about negotiating. Author of best-selling “The Art of the Deal,” President Trump reneged on his important campaign promise to end the deferred action for childhood arrivals amnesty without getting a whit in return.

Trump Takes First Step in ‘Buy America, Hire America’ Agenda

By Joe Guzzardi
April 19, 2017

President Donald Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” campaign is off to a promising start. At a scheduled event at Snap-On, the tool manufacturer in Kenosha, Wis., President Trump promoted his new executive order that assigns the Departments of Homeland Security, State and Labor to draft H-1B visa reforms.

DUIs Could Mean Removal for Illegal Immigrants

By Joe Guzzardi
April 18, 2017
Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said in a recent “Meet the Press” interview that a wider array of criminal behavior by illegal immigrants, including DUIs, could lead to their deportation. Kelly added that during the Obama administration a DUI was unlikely to result in deportation even though it would have put the alien in the DHS system.

Latest Trump Betrayal Has Base Questioning Its Vote

By Joe Guzzardi
April 12, 2017
President Donald Trump’s choice to head the White House Council of Economic Advisers might be the next-to-the-last straw for the millions of voters who put him in office. Only Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ vigorous enforcement actions keep disappointed GOP voters from joining #resisttrump. From Nogales on the U.S.-Mexico border this week, Sessions warned prospective illegal immigrants that U.S. immigration laws will be enforced, that catch-and-release is over, and that in the next few months 125 new immigration judges will be hired to expedite alien removals. According to Department of Homeland Security statistics, illegal border crossing have declined 70 percent since President Trump’s inauguration.

Trump’s Immigration Grade: ‘A’ and ‘F’

By Joe Guzzardi
April 10, 2017
President Donald Trump’s campaign promises to re-create immigration into a vehicle that helps, rather than hurts Americans, catapulted him into the White House. More than repealing and replacing Obamacare, more than withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and more than draining the swamp, enforcing immigration laws and securing the Southwest border put President Trump in the White House.

On Refugee Resettlement, Trump picks up where Obama Left Off

By Joe Guzzardi
April 7, 2017
President Trump’s administration got off to a flying start on curbing refugee admissions into the United States. Making good on his campaign promise to reduce refugee inflow until more secure vetting could be developed, President Trump promptly signed an executive order that would temporarily ban travel from certain Middle Eastern nations that he called “terror-prone,” permanently shut down Syrian entry, and put the refugee resettlement program on hold.

ICE Criminal Alien Report Refutes Seattle Mayor’s Claim: Sanctuary Cities ‘Less Violent’

By Joe Guzzardi
March 31, 2017

During the February 1 White House press briefing, a Providence, R.I., reporter posed the first-ever Skype-seats question. As part of a new White House initiative, select reporters are invited to attend press briefings remotely via Skype video technology.

Sessions’ Final Warning to Tone Deaf Sanctuary Mayors

By Joe Guzzardi
March 29, 2017
At a March 28 White House press conference, Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired what could be his last warning shot over sanctuary city mayors’ heads. Sessions’ blunt message: Obey immigration laws or your dangerous cities will lose Department of Justice federal funding, have existing grants canceled, and become ineligible for future grants.