Joe Guzzardi

Obama’s Christmas Present to Trump: Wide Open Borders

By Joe Guzzardi
December 17, 2016
After eight years of refusing to enforce immigration laws, either at the border or in the interior, President Obama has left the proverbial lump of coal Christmas gift for President-Elect Donald Trump. The incoming president will inherit the huge immigration mess his predecessor created and encouraged.

DREAMers Angry at Wrong Cat; Obama, not Trump, Sold them Out

By Joe Guzzardi
December 14, 2016
DREAMers, formally known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA recipients, have their fingers crossed that President-Elect Donald Trump will look kindly on them when their work permits expire, allow them to continue working and possibly be granted permanent legal status. Their advocates are outraged at the prospect that Trump will, as he promised on the campaign trail, end DACA. The New York Times, for example, wrote that the U.S. should be a better nation than one that turns its back on “aspiring citizens,” known to most as illegal aliens.

(Cheap) Labor Secretary Puzder Triggers Trump Backlash

By Joe Guzzardi
December 12, 2016
President-Elect Donald Trump was sailing along with his Cabinet choices until he picked Andrew Puzder to head the Labor Department. Trump’s base is on board with Department of Homeland Security and Attorney General nominees John Kelly and Jeff Sessions, both viewed as Trump’s reliable allies in the new president’s effort to impose long overdue immigration enforcement.

General Kelly: Big Brass Border-Bound

By Joe Guzzardi
December 9, 2016
Media speculation about what President-elect Donald Trump will do regarding immigration is rampant. Let’s be frank, much of the reporting is irresponsible. Trump has eliminated his immigration campaign rhetoric that promised an aggressive stance on deporting illegal immigrants.

Trump Is Right: Real Unemployment Is 40 Percent!

By Joe Guzzardi
December 7, 2016
President-elect Donald Trump has promised to get jobs back to Americans. A look at the November Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows that Trump faces big challenges.

Ohio State Tragedy Prompts Major Refugee Questions

By Joe Guzzardi
December 5, 2016
Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s exact immigration status and his history continue unfolding publicly. Authorities are uncertain about his age, but think he moved from Somalia to Pakistan in 2007, and then came to the United States with his family in 2014 when he was granted permanent legal residency.

California Colleges’ Silly Saber-Rattling against Trump

By Joe Guzzardi
December 2, 2016
University of California President Janet Napolitano recently declared that the university would not cooperate with federal officials on any immigration requests they might make. Napolitano also ordered UC campus police not to cooperate with local, state or federal officials in any cases that may involve an illegal immigrant. Failure to cooperate with law enforcement is commonly referred to as obstruction of justice.

Aimless U.S. Refugee Policy Expensive, Deadly

By Joe Guzzardi
November 30, 2016
Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan, the 18-year-old Ohio State University student who plowed over a crowd with his vehicle, then stabbed his fellow students with a butcher knife this week, perpetrated Columbus’s second terror attack this year. Artan left Somalia with his family for Pakistan in 2007, and he obtained a permanent U.S. residency green card in 2014.

High Noon for Sanctuary Cities

By Joe Guzzardi
November 28, 2016
From coast-to-coast, sanctuary city mayors are united in their resolve to harbor criminal aliens. Their shared commitment comes despite the Trump administration’s pledge to remove most of the two to three million convicted felons who remain in the U.S. and pose a threat to local communities.

Trump: Swamp Draining Begins

By Joe Guzzardi
November 23, 2016
Even before he’s taken office, President-elect Donald J. Trump is off to a fast start to make good on his campaign promises. Among his recently announced ambitious proposals are the U.S. withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, strict limits on former administration officials becoming lobbyists, and a mandate for the incoming Labor Secretary to vigorously pursue fraud in visa programs that displace American workers. Foreign nationals who have received visas include babysitters, lifeguards, chambermaids, ski and tennis instructors, electricians, teachers, doctors and research assistants, all jobs Americans can and will do. Such visas continue to be issued unabated despite confirmed incidents that have, on occasion, led to sex trafficking, child abuse, workplace injuries and indentured labor practices.