Joe Guzzardi

Chris Christie’s Other Scandal: the New Jersey Dream Act

By Joe Guzzardi
February 7, 2014

Lately, New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie has been much in the news. Allegedly, Christie ordered lane closures at the heavily trafficked Ft. Lee Bridge as part of a political get even plot. The supposed pay back targeted Ft. Lee mayor Mayor Mark Sokolich who did not endorse Christie during his 2013 reelection. 

Legalized Immigrants Unlikely to Pay Back Taxes

By Joe Guzzardi
February 05, 2014

Even though immigration reform could have and should have been dead months ago, House Speaker John Boehner has single-handedly resurrected it from the grave. Shortly after Congress reconvened in January, Boehner announced his list of “immigration principles” that revitalized the year-long amnesty effort.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Would Swamp Agencies; Guarantee Fraud

By Joe Guzzardi
February 3, 2014

If you believe its bluster, Congress may soon pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill. Although 20 million Americans can’t find a full time job, 92 million Americans have opted out of the labor force, and food stamp dependency has doubled since 2008, legislators seem determined to flood the labor market with  more workers. House Majority Speaker John Boehner’s recently released immigration principles, if passed, would during the next decade result in 12 million more green cards to existing illegal immigrants and 20 million work visas for foreign-born workers. 

Justin Bieber: How He Got Here and Why He Should Be Sent Home

By Joe Guzzardi
January 31, 2014

Canadian-born, teen heart throb Justin Bieber’s criminal misbehavior may indirectly hurt Congress’ push for comprehensive immigration reform. All systems for the White House’s coveted blanket amnesty are “go.” President Obama just touted his version of reform during his Tuesday State of the Union address. House Majority leader John Boehner released what he calls his “immigration principles.” Given those two major immigration developments, now could be a bad time for a foreign-born visa holder to be in the headlines because of his embarrassing illegal antics. Because of Bieber’s high visibility, journalists reporting on his story—seemingly everyone in the media—have included his immigration status.

House Amnesty Kicks into High Gear; Americans Be Damned

By Joe Guzzardi
January 31, 2014

Even though immigration reform is his top domestic priority, President Barack Obama during his State of the Union address devoted only a few words to the contentious issue. But the little that President Obama said was a misleading collection of half-truths intended to convert reform skeptics into supporters.

DHS Secretary: Illegal Aliens Have 'Earned' Citizenship

By Joe Guzzardi
January 29, 2014

Last week, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson delivered a rambling, contradictory speech to the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Johnson, whose address was no doubt White House-approved, urged the mayors to stand behind comprehensive immigration reform. While it's commonplace for a high-ranking Cabinet member to support his president's policies, especially during a heated debate on a top domestic priority like immigration, more thoughtful remarks from Johnson might have had greater influence on congressional skeptics. 

Permanent Solution to California Water Drought: Fewer People

By Joe Guzzardi
January 24, 2014

For decades, federal, state and municipal governments have ignored population growth’s consequences. Despite California’s ongoing battle against too little water, the Chamber of Commerce, the Club for Growth and Wall Street want more, more, more. The 2012 birth rate drop triggered a series of near-panic mainstream media stories that a demographic zero hour might be looming. Reporters speculated that too few children would eventually mean fewer workers, less productivity and too many retirees. 

Gallup Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Amnesty

By Joe Guzzardi
January 20, 2014

Despite six months of pushing for a blanket amnesty that began in June when the Senate bill passed its uncontrolled immigration bill, advocates can’t sell it to the public. Even after a nonstop effort headed by the immigration lobby that included demonstrations, sit-ins, marches, passionately written editorials and comic political theater that resulted in 8 U.S. Representatives’ arrest, the public isn’t buying it.

Population Growth, Immigration Increases Would Doom “Promise Zones”

By Joe Guzzardi
January 17, 2014

As the saying goes, the more things change the more they stay the same. On the War on Poverty’s 50th Anniversary, President Obama identified five “promise zones” that include portions of San Antonio, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, southeastern Kentucky and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Twenty more promise zones will be added during the next three years. At the outset, hopes are high that the targeted poverty-stricken neighborhoods will benefit from increased economic security, greater educational opportunities, affordable housing and more jobs.  

Huge Immigration Bill Would Destroy King’s Dream for Black and Hispanic Americans

By Joe Guzzardi
January 15, 2014

The Congressional Black Caucus doesn’t share Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream for African-Americans. Fifty-one years ago, King outlined his hopes: that black as well and white men would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. King despaired that blacks were exiled in their own American land and too often denied advancement opportunities.