Joe Guzzardi

Jerry Brown Dictatorially Defies Federal Immigration Law

By Joe Guzzardi
October 18, 2013

When Governor Jerry Brown signed the Trust Act, he ended the partnership established between local law enforcement and Immigration and Customers Enforcement authorities that the federal Secure Communities program established. Under Secure Communities, jails submit arrestees’ fingerprints to both criminal and immigration databases to identify deportable aliens.

Immigration Reform—Dead at Last?

By Joe Guzzardi
October 17, 2013

Immigration advocates have entered the last desperate stage of their amnesty activism. Along the way, they’ve spared no cost; overlooked no strategy. After scheduling early October protest marches in major cities that culminated with a grand but failed finale in Washington D.C., the deep-pockets immigration lobby is starting all over again.

Despite Journalists’ Insistence, Amnesty Not a Civil Rights Cause

By Joe Guzzardi
October 14, 2013

At a journalists’ conference last week, New York Times lead immigration reporter Julia Preston compared granting amnesty to illegal immigrants to the black1960s civil rights movement. Preston isn’t the only one to do so. Gang of 8 architects Chuck Schumer and Bob Menendez have echoed the same deceit hoping, as does Preston, that claiming the moral high ground might give amnesty advocates an edge in the ongoing immigration debate.

The Remembrance Project Honors American Victims Killed by Aliens

By Joe Guzzardi
October 11, 2013

Americans following the comprehensive immigration reform debate have seen the images of children holding placards that read: “Don’t deport my mommy.” And they’ve heard U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez implore Congress to “Stop separating families.”

Immigration Advocates Hit New Low on Capitol Hill

By Joe Guzzardi
October 9, 2013

The latest news in the never-ending battle between American patriots and immigration extremists is more stomach-turning than the most grizzled political observer could ever have imagined.

After a weekend of nationwide marches and demonstrations, on October 8 pro-amnesty radicals led by House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi rallied at Washington’s National Mall. When it comes to immigration reform, grandstanding events are common. Dating back to 2003, some members of Congress sworn to uphold United States’ laws and defend American citizens, have futilely tried to win votes for comprehensive immigration reform, essentially representing the interests of foreign nationals.

California Governor Brown Sells Out to Immigrant Lobby

By Joe Guzzardi
October 7, 2013

Here’s California Governor Jerry Brown last week announcing the state’s new law that permits illegal immigrants to drive: “No longer are undocumented people in the shadows.” Commenting on the same legislation, State Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg said: “Those distinctions [initials DP standing for driver’s privilege] mean little to hard-working people who simply want to drive to work or drive their kids to school or soccer practice without fear.”

New, Compelling Evidence that More Immigration Leads to Higher Poverty

By Joe Guzzardi
October 7, 2013

One fact in the endless immigration debate is unarguable: the more entitlements California makes available to illegal aliens, the more beckoning the state becomes. Earlier last week, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that will allow illegal aliens to obtain drivers licenses.

California’s Pending Immigration Bills Throw Logic Out the Window

By Joe Guzzardi
September 30, 2013

Between today and October 13, Governor Jerry Brown will determine the safety and well being of California residents. The so-called Trust Act, needing only Brown’s signature to become law, would block local police from deporting criminal aliens and violate federal law, namely Secure Communities.

Illegal Immigrant Lobby to Stage National Demand for Amnesty, Work Authorization

By Joe Guzzardi
September 25, 2013

On October 5, as part of their ceaseless demand that Congress passes comprehensive immigration reform, illegal aliens and their advocates will hold a National Day of Dignity and Respect. Their goal is to achieve immediate legal status, with work authorization, and eventual citizenship. If successful, at least 11 million aliens would compete with Americans for the handful of available jobs. 

If Immigration Reform is Dead, Blame Gang of Eight, White House

By Joe Guzzardi
September 23. 2013

Since June when the Senate passed the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act, S. 744, reform has on alternate summer weeks been reported as a certainty and then declared dead as a door nail. Last week’s resignations of Reps. Sam Johnson and John Carter from the House Gang of 7 brings the remaining total down to five, too few to bring a bipartisan immigration agreement to the table and a possible death blow to reform. Idaho’s Raul Labrador quit months ago.