Joe Guzzardi

Enforcement, Not Amnesty, May Be the Key in 2014 Elections

By Joe Guzzardi
August 23, 2013

According to comprehensive immigration reform advocates, Republicans should support it or risk being perennially doomed to failure. To cite the phrase you’ve read a thousand times, unless the GOP courts “the crucial Hispanic vote,” the party might eventually vanish.

Immigration and the “Disappearance of Work”

By Joe Guzzardi
August 12, 2013

The Washington Post and Boston Globe sold recently to, respectively, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Red Sox owner John Henry. The Globe’s owner, the New York Times, took a financial beating. The sale price was $70 million cash versus the $1.1 billion acquisition cost 20 years ago. Analysts speculate that despite the Sulzberger family’s adamant denials, the Times could be the next to bail out from the hemorrhaging newspaper business, possibly to multibillionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg. To stay afloat, the Times has been shedding assets including the Globe since 2007.

House Conniving on Immigration: Saying One Thing but Doing Another?

By Joe Guzzardi
August 9, 2013

Americans have seen it all before. Thousands of illegal immigrants and their advocates will gather and march publicly to demand that Congress passes legislation which will eventually grant citizenship to 11 million aliens. In 2003, the Immigrant Freedom Bus Ride departed from nine major cities and ended in New York with a stopover in Washington D.C. Although the event was heavily publicized, nothing came of it. A massive 2009 Capitol Hill alien protest yielded the same result—nothing.

California to Release Criminals into Overcrowded Local Communities

By Joe Guzzardi August 8, 2013 Last week the Supreme Court refused to delay the release of thousands of inmates from California state prisons. Severe overcrowding in the prison system has, in the court’s eyes, led to substandard medical and mental health treatment. Despite Governor Jerry Brown’s argument that setting dangerous prisoners free would create mayhem and put residents at risk, 10,000 inmates must be released before December 31 as part of a longer term plan to reduce the prison population by 30,000. The Court rejected Brown’s plea that California has already transferred thousands of low-level and nonviolent offenders to county jails. Unfortunately, local officials have freed some inmates early to ease their own overcrowding issues.

Linking PED Abuse and Immigration Policy

By Joe Guzzardi
August 7, 2013

As a lifelong baseball fan, I’m numb to the news that 14 major league players have been suspended for periods from 50 to, in Alex Rodriguez’s case, 211 games. The ban had long been anticipated and was a tedious continuation of MLB penalties imposed on dirty, performance enhancing drug using players since 2005 when the Seattle Mariners’ Alex Sanchez received the first suspension. The MLB initiated its drug policy in 2004.

Steve King Right; Only Tiny Percentage of DREAMers Valedictorians

By Joe Guzzardi
July 31, 2013

Last week, Rep. Steve King set off a barrage of unwarranted criticism when he said that only a small percentage of Hispanic students that would be granted amnesty under the KIDS Act are valedictorians. In anticipation of the KIDS Act, an as yet unwritten version of the many-times defeated DREAM Act, the media has flooded the airwaves and newsprint with sob stories of supposedly worthy but unfairly maligned illegal alien valedictorians.

Despite Increasing Poverty and Higher Unemployment, Immigration Advocacy Continues

By Joe Guzzardi
July 30, 2013

Paul Ryan, U. S. Representative, Chairman of the House Budget Committee and former vice-presidential candidate recently declared that the federal war on poverty “has failed miserably.” No one argues. During the fifty years since President Lyndon Johnson first promised to end poverty, the United States has wasted $15 trillion; 46 million Americans live in poverty and 15 million more receive food stamps than before the 2007 recession started.

Millions for Alien Advocates; Crumbs for Veterans

By Joe Guzzardi
July 24, 2013

The fraud and abuse potential in the Senate’s Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act, S. 744, is so great that I could write about it every day until Christmas. To its never-ending shame, the mainstream media has covered virtually none of S. 744’s flaws instead preferring to tout advocates’ unconvincing arguments in the bill’s support.

Immigration Reform: From Slam Dunk to Gasping for Air

By Joe Guzzardi July 22, 2013 As the old English proverb goes, “There’s many a slip between cup and lip.” No phrase could more accurately describe the ill-fated congressional effort to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill. In January, word leaked out that the Gang of 8 was meeting behind closed doors to draft what insiders said would be the toughest but also fairest immigration bill ever written. In August, after the Senate passed the toothless Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act, S. 744, immigration reform headed to the House where it’s now gasping for air.