Maria Fotopoulos

The Missing Link in Our Earth Day Activities

APRIL 18, 2008

Through the loud and persistent voices of Al Gore, the Natural Resources Defense Council, numerous other environmental organizations, thousands of activists and the businesses and cities that have adopted truly green models, the absolute necessity of living sustainably has become mainstreamed. More people truly are trying to live sustainable lifestyles.

Something is Missing in Our Earth Day Activities

By Maria Fotopoulos
April 16, 2008

Last year about this time, it occurred to me that the “green thing” had finally arrived … was running on all cylinders … had achieved mass market acceptance. The dawning came with the realization that seemingly all the key consumer magazines had dedicated April as their green issues – hadn’t seen that before – even though of course April is the month in which Earth Day is celebrated.

Cold Weather Doesn't Freeze Out California's Illegal Farm Workers

By Maria Fotopoulos, CAPS Senior Writing Fellow
January 2007

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger learned when he visited a citrus farm to assess the weather damage from California’s devastating cold spell this month, you can still make juice when the oranges turn to mush.

Illegal Immigration is Conveyor Belt for Future Recruits, Victims of Mexican Mafia

By Maria Fotopoulos
August 2007

Los Angeles-based writer Tony Rafael recently spoke to a sold out Channel City Club audience telling the audience that the problem of the Mexican Mafia in the United States is “huge, and analogous to fighting a civil insurgency.” And illegal immigration, Rafael says, serves the Mexican Mafia as a “conveyor belt of potential recruits and victims.”