Mark Cromer

New Year, Same Deal

It doesn’t take Nostradamus to predict what will (and won’t) happen this year

By Mark Cromer

In the twilight of last year, the media was rife with year-in-review analysis and perspectives on the decade it closed out. But now that 2010 has dawned, let me suggest that it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see how this year will unfold as our elected leadership refuses to address human population growth both globally and in the United States.

An App For Betrayal

A smart phone to help kill American jobs

By Mark Cromer

If the United States “drug war” was a indeed a real war; then the announcement by a UC San Diego research team that it has developed a smart phone program to help guide illegal immigrants over the American frontier would be nothing less than an act of high treason.

Still Waters, Flooded State

As the drought worsens, California continues a policy of ‘growth-as-usual’

By Mark Cromer

Twenty-five million beleaguered Southern Californians can look forward to the arrival of autumn this year with the relief of knowing that while the worst is hardly over in the long-term—the region will cool down and stop burning at least for a little while.

And it might even rain some.

But there isn’t likely to be much rest for the weary.

Another Teachable Moment

The healthcare debate foreshadows the drive for immigration reform

By Mark Cromer

Judging by the populist upheaval that is shaking the Obama Administration’s still mercurial plan to overhaul the healthcare system, the president’s vow to push for so-called “immigration reform” is almost certain to meet an even bigger firestorm of resistance from middle America.

Amnesty For All

Why should clemency apply just to illegal immigrants and their employers?

By Mark Cromer

If Congress follows President Obama’s druthers and begins to draft and debate an immigration reform bill this fall, then I suggest they try a novel approach this time around and sweeten the deal considerably for the American people.

Crazy from the Heat

An overcrowded California is running out of water and leadership
By Mark Cromer
July 10, 2009

As California heads into high summer, those sweltering weeks that burn like a fever from mid-July well into September, there is no indication that our state or federal leadership has yet to truly grasp the environmental catastrophe the Golden State now faces.

Perhaps, as the saying goes, they are “crazy from the heat.”

The Threat of Democracy

California Speaker Karen Bass calls voter outrage “terrorism”

By Mark Cromer

I read the lines several times, letting the words of California Assembly Speaker Karen Bass sink in:

Welcome to the Age of Schultz

When it comes to immigration, our officials choose to “know nothing!”

By Mark Cromer

For all the head-shaking disbelief that has erupted over revelations that San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris allowed illegal immigrant felons to skip prison and deportation by working in a tax-funded “jobs program,” the only truly shocking development is that anyone is surprised at all.

Farm Jobs Bill A Bust

It’s time for ‘DiFi’ to get honest about fraud in the fields

By Mark Cromer

Perhaps the ghost of old Tom Joad is up there drifting on some whimsical cloud, looking down at us and shaking his head with sadness at the Company Town that the United States is becoming today.

The Badge of Ethnic Identity

Sotomayor’s nomination and America’s divide

By Mark Cromer

It is a tale that speaks of two Americas.

Among the progressive left, Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s life narrative is a compelling story of a woman who overcame daunting odds to achieve the success she has earned in her career as an attorney and a jurist.