Mark Cromer

Sliding Into The Sea

California’s reckoning is at hand

By Mark Cromer

In the aftermath of one of the angriest voter rebukes of government in modern California history, the bi-partisan shellshock that remains on display in Sacramento does not auger well for the state’s ability to pull out of its fiscal death spiral.

The Politics of Civility

Obama should call for a tempered tone on immigration

By Mark Cromer

President Barack Obama skillfully used the dissent generated by his appearance at Notre Dame as an opportunity to again call for a more civil tone in the national dialogue over abortion.

A Familiar Melody

Immigration expansionists whistle past the American workers graveyard

By Mark Cromer

The open border lobby’s manipulative deceptions regarding the corrosive effects of mass illegal immigration reached a new, lysergic acid-like high last week as Tamar Jacoby offered the surreal estimation that out-of-work and economically desperate Americans still don’t want to work the jobs taken by illegal immigrants.

The Devil You Know (The Details You Don’t)

Five questions supporters of immigration “reform” don’t want to answer

By Mark Cromer
April 30, 2009

Tens of thousands of immigrants and their supporters will take to the streets across the country tomorrow and again demand—yes, demand—that the American people accept the “reform” that they claim will fix a broken immigration system.

And that reform means mass amnesty, plain and simple.

Legally Insane

Continued mass legal immigration is a recipe for disaster

By Mark Cromer

My colleague Rick Oltman recently appeared on the Glenn Beck show to discuss illegal immigration; and I noticed that Beck opened up by indulging what is now a time-honored disclaimer that is faithfully uttered by conservatives, liberals and every other variant along the political spectrum virtually anytime they are about to discuss immigration.

No, You Can’t!

Obama’s promised drive for amnesty is going to fail, badly
By Mark Cromer

Just five months ago, as Barack Obama became the president-elect and the economic slump began turning into an avalanche, the chances that the incoming president would make “immigration reform” a priority in his first year registered somewhere between zero and none.

Death Rattle in Pomona

Obama may be listening, but it’s a generation too late

By Mark Cromer

Standing at the crossroads of East End and Holt avenues in Pomona, I am struck by how things haven’t changed a lick since the cold, impressive power of the American presidency glided down these crumbling streets just a week earlier.

Hyperbole 101

Amnesty’s advocates revel in hysteria
By Mark Cromer
March 4, 2009

Walking my dog across the lush campuses of the prestigious Claremont Colleges last week, I bumped into a friend of mine who is attending graduate school there. As we caught up for a few minutes, he explained that he was on his way to Arizona to join the ‘March to Stop the Hate.’

Shameless in Sacramento

California epitomizes a failure in leadership across the nation

By Mark Cromer
February 25, 2009

Big Brother now has a fourth axiom to instill in the masses: Failure is Success.

One could easily add that to the slogans of George Orwell’s prescient 1984, as failure dressed as success is now the stagecraft that’s played out along the halls of power in Washington D.C. and in Sacramento.

The OctoMom Syndrome

Millions of ‘parents’ are making babies on society’s tab
By Mark Cromer
February 5, 2009

Many years ago my mother warned my long-time girlfriend and me: “if you wait until you can afford kids to have them—you’ll never have them.”