Michael W. Cutler

Loophole in Employer Sanctions Provisions of the Immigration Laws Imperils Employers

By Michael W. Cutler, Senior Special Agent (Ret.)
September 23, 2010

Our country is now feeling the consequences of an immigration crisis that has manifested itself in nearly every challenge confronting our nation today. The great majority of the illegal aliens in our country were motivated by the same goal- to secure a job and send money back to their family members in their home countries.

Divide and Conquer

By Michael W. Cutler
June 16, 2010

Advocates for open borders and amnesty under the aegis of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” have long understood that they had a serious problem with their agenda. The law, the facts, common sense and fairness all contradict their position. The only way they could push their agenda was to engage in tactics that were deceptive and divisive.

Arizona’s New Immigration Laws

By Michael W. Cutler
April 26, 2010

Governor Jan Brewer of the state of Arizona has just signed legislation that, in many ways, mirrors existing federal immigration law. The administration is expressing consternation about the actions taken by legislators and a governor who are clearly at their wits end because of the daily onslaught of illegal aliens running that state's borders and contributing to a level of violence never before witnessed in our country. Today, Phoenix, Arizona has garnered the highly undesirable and worrisome nickname of the “kidnapping and home invasion capitol of the Western Hemisphere.”

Drug-Fueled Immigration

By Michael Cutler
March 4, 2009

While corruption has been a way of life in Mexico historically, the dominance of drug cartels there now amplifies the corruption, putting the beleaguered country at a dangerous tipping point. Not unlike terrorist organizations, the drug cartels use violence and the threat of it in conjunction with bribery to destabilize Mexico’s federal and local government.

Identity Theft: America’s Fastest Growing White Collar Crime

By Michael Cutler

Every American should be concerned about identity theft because the potential exists that if you have not been victimized, you may fall victim in the future to what has been described as "America's fastest growing “white collar" crime.