Randy Alcorn

Mad Dogs and Ideologues

By Randy Alcorn
June 2, 2015

By now most of us who pay any attention to American politics know that the nation is dominated by two opposing ideological camps, the liberals and the conservatives, whose ardent adherents have pretty much reduced all discussion of the nation’s issues to doctrinaire simplicities. The ferocity with which they band together and hold their positions is rivaled only by that of packs of feral dogs.

The People-Packer's Magically Expanding Planet

Randy Alcorn
April 28, 2015

Optimism is a positive attribute until it descends into delusion. Those who believe that the earth can sustain an indefinite increase in human population have taken the plunge. Rather than confront the obvious negative consequences of burgeoning human population with anything approaching reasonable concern and objective logic, these buoyant optimists float above reality on hopes that human ingenuity will find a way to pack more people onto the planet.

California, Paradise Parched

By Randy Alcorn
March 28, 2015

With its gentle climate and spectacular natural beauty, California has long been among the most desirable places on earth. One of two things could threaten that, either some ginormous natural disaster or excessive population.

What is Commonsense Immigration Reform?

By Randy Alcorn
November 21, 2014

President Obama defends his use of executive fiat to protect five million illegal immigrants from deportation and to grant them work permits as commonsense immigration reform. He stresses that his edicts are not amnesty but rather a temporary reprieve that is limited mostly to those illegal immigrants with children and who have managed to avoid deportation for five years or more.

Will Immigrants Bring Their Own Water?

By Randy Alcorn
September 15, 2014

Nature’s greatest gift to humans is the ability to think critically, to evaluate data and arrive at logical conclusions, including reasonably predicting consequences. Yet, many people apparently haven’t unwrapped that gift. The depth and breath of human stupidity continues to astound. When it occurs in those who hold leadership positions, it is troublesome.

Illegal Immigration has no Age Limit

By Randy Alcorn
June 20, 2014

The latest complication in the smoldering, moldering, illegal immigration issue is the swarms of mostly Central American children suddenly showing up at and crossing the U.S. southern border. They claim to be fleeing the homicidal violence of their native countries.

The Short Logic Of Population Proponents

By Randy Alcorn
March 18, 2014

Desperately poor Africans have developed a new tactic to break into Western Europe. They are rushing the border of Spain in groups of 1,000 or more, overwhelming Spanish border agents. Italy, meanwhile, has asked for help in dealing with the hordes of illegal immigrants washing up on the shores of Sicily.

Breeding Poverty

Randy Alcorn
February 10, 2014

Of the various economic issues emerging in the wake of the Great Recession, wealth disparity has bobbed to the top. It takes center ring in the news media circus and has become the great concern of political and religious leaders.

Locals Working to Curb Illegal Immigration

By Randy Alcorn
December 2, 2008

The Ninth Federal Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that Arizona’s law prohibiting that state’s employers from hiring illegal aliens is constitutional. The decision was a boost to efforts by state and local jurisdictions to require employers to use the Federal government’s E-Verify system to ascertain the legal status of job applicants.


By Randy Alcorn

Because the Los Angeles Times has a well-deserved reputation as one of this nation’s great newspapers, one might expect that its editorial opinions would compliment that journalistic eminence and be expressions of uncommon rationale, untainted by emotive illogicalities. But, when it comes to pet issues, like immigration, that expectation is often disappointed.